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Lessons from my Ex

Public service announcement: this note is to my ex from the day I started toasting ladies to when I got married. I hope this announcement clarifies any trouble that may arise. I am sure someone is already wondering why he is writing to his ex. What is even the plural for ex? Wo (look), I […]

‘Off The Mic, Honourable Adviser’

But let me get this straight, what do fathers, mothers, aunties and neighbours think when they tell single ladies or guys about why they need to get married and the fact that they are not getting any younger. What exactly do they think marriage is? Are they paying attention to any lessons from their own […]

The Many Troubles Of A Firstborn (Part 2)

Sibling rivalry is real. It gets escalated when all are married. Wisdom is required by parents to manage it. Firstborns especially have a role in ensuring that things do not escalate to a stage where the children are involved. Secondborns often times are arrogant and want to ride on the firstborn. Humility, wisdom, patience and […]

Daddy and Mummy why are you hoarding beverages?

If while growing up, beverages were hidden by your parents and only brought out on weekends, when it rains, and daddy wants to drink tea, or the pot of stew is under the bed closely monitored by either your dad or mom. If during the festive period, the fried meat or chicken are taken to […]

Who Is Training This Generation Of Boys How To Approach Girls

Recently I met 3 guys in their mid-twenties (graduates and running their second degrees) at an event as we got talking, this very beautiful lady in the same age bracket walked in and was looking towards us. Then I asked jokingly whose girl friend is this coming in and looking towards our direction? To my […]

The Economics Of Diapers And A Smart Man

Now that the world is going smart, what if we have ‘’smart’’ husbands or better still ‘’smart men”. Well not talking about ‘’smart’’ in the real sense that you know of I am talking about being smart in the sense of understanding some realities about women, marriage, child rearing, the economy, family planning and societal […]

Trumped Lessons For Us

Historically ‘’trumping’’ her exit. Left to many of the world’s population, the 45th President of the United States should have been Hillary Clinton but American’s have proven the world wrong. Donald Trump is the next President of the world’s most powerful nation. Certainly this will have implications for civic space, race, parenting, disability, gender, religion, […]

Thinking Through The Greatest Need Of A Man

“The greatest need of a man is not sex (he can get that from a prostitute) neither is it food (he can get that from a good restaurant). A man’s greatest need is respect”. While still struggling with the breaking news read out by my wife that because tomato is expensive and scarce I now […]