The Economics Of Diapers And A Smart Man

Now that the world is going smart, what if we have ‘’smart’’ husbands or better still ‘’smart men”. Well not talking about ‘’smart’’ in the real sense that you know of I am talking about being smart in the sense of understanding some realities about women, marriage, child rearing, the economy, family planning and societal believes.

What if men (married and unmarried) in being smart understand that with the present economic realities it is no longer reasonable to say the place of the woman is in the kitchen or the other room, It honestly doesn’t make economic sense believe me the proponent of the ‘’other room’’ theory is with me on this!

Have you ever visited a friend’s house and the chair smells of urine? We all hate it even your friend does but there is a correlation between how much you have to invest in diapers per day and your child’s frequency of urinating to whether or not your house will smell of urine or not.

Whoever comes into that smelly room will most often blame the woman for being dirty (some –men and women-are though) forgetting that these days diapers are the in-thing nappies and the era of using ankara as nappies are gone. Remember nappies are recycled back then with the quality of those nappies 5 generations can use them if your mother is supper clean and hard working.

So what is being smart got to do with smelly house? A smart man understands that to have a child or children requires proper planning and it’s not about being able to impregnate a woman. I have used diaper as an example there are other realities but lets stick to the diaper discuss.

So when asked why you are not married, me thinks a smart man’s response should be when I am able to buy as many diapers as possible that my child or children will need so that my house doesn’t smell of urine.  Still don’t get the sense? A smart man doesn’t just marry for the sake of marrying they do because they are spiritually, emotionally and financially ready.

Now that the country is in a recession, what is to become of men whose wife’s place is in the kitchen, I tell you those men will work from morning to evening and yet ends will not meet, their wives will have little and sometimes no food to cook in the kitchen and the ‘’other room’’ will be locked until things improve.

Single source economy for families is no longer fanciful. Smart men understand the importance of multiple sources of income hence they allow their wives to work so that they can support each other in caring for the family. Smart men are not gold diggers neither are they lazy but they are smart to recognize the role of an independent woman.

Family planning is a woman’s business many men have come to believe or a woman must know how to take care of herself so as not to get pregnant.  ‘’Forget that thing’’, smart men discuss family planning and methods to choose with their wives and also go with them to family planning clinics if not for anything to be double sure the family planning is done. It is romantic these days to see men coming with their wives to family planning clinics only a smart man recognize this. Smart men know how to ‘’calculate’’ their wives menstrual period and they strategically don’t bother trading at the stock market around that period, they know what it means to live and fight another day. A loaf of good bread starts from 350 Naira even Agege bread is now expensive. For those still interested in populating the world think twice raising a child isn’t a ‘’child’s’’ play.

Smart men understand that marriage is for companionship that no issue is a blessing when you consider how much school fees are these days. Even mushroom schools now charge a lot remember only few organisation’s have the luxury of increasing salaries in a recession, lay offs and salary cuts are more common. Rather than kick their wives out or have side chicks they are thanking God for their present situation and praying to God to do theirs too in his time but also saving for diapers.

Note that I am talking about smart men or men 2.0, not the regular men who are still on a 2G network, I am talking about those using 4G and already planning to move to 7G, not the analogue but the digital men. Analogue men are those wired by the society, religion and their parents to see issues around women and marriage with a narrow mind, digital men refuse to be wired by these group, they have a mind wide open for possibilities and are bold to be different. They are stubborn in their believes about the positive role of women in the family and society.

They see economic, romantic and loving sense in managing their wives success, marrying an independent woman and balancing their ego. Smart men are true to themselves they agree that it is not going to be a straight line allowing a woman to grow and fulfill her passion under their roof but then they know it is doable and its worth the sacrifice in the end.

Who says I don’t want a brand new Range Rover Sport as a wedding anniversary gift bought by my wife from her hard earned money delivered to me at home on a Sunday evening as a surprise gift with a card that says ‘’I love you like kilode’’.

Why won’t I drive that car to work on Monday then wait for who would want to get 2.5% or 5% from the Federal Government since they will think I am now living above my means and the whistle needs to be blown on me not knowing as a smart man my Range Rover is from a legit source because my own ‘’guider’’ didn’t invest in a MMM scheme that has frozen, will freeze or about to freeze hers keeps growing.

Being a smart man is ‘’dope’.



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One Response to The Economics Of Diapers And A Smart Man

  1. Femi Diipo February 27, 2017 at 11:32 am

    As much as I agree with some of the things said about the so called “smart man” I think the notion of smart women should be established too. I still know a lot of women who just wanna be housewives, I know plenty who ain’t for the hustle. What happens when the man is on windows 15 and the woman is still operating on Vista


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