Friday, June 14th, 2024

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Faithful Men

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Sunday, June 2nd, 2024
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By Princess Arira

What brings continuity in the things of God is faithfulness. The scarcity of faithful men will make God’s word not to be fulfilled. What makes the work of God progressive is faithfulness. When there is no faithfulness, God will stop, that is, where there are no faithful men God’s work will be stagnant. Those that have capacity in the kingdom are faithful men, if you are not faithful with God, you won’t be able to do His work effectively and you will be a  casualty and fall prey to the devil and his cohort. It will give devil room to penetrate you and harm you because God’s protection will not be effective for you, God will always preserve a faithful man. Faithful men has the protection of God in every ramifications of life.

The bedrock of faithfulness is accountability, every man that have not surrendered himself and his will to God cannot be faithful. The vehicle that moves faithfulness is consistency, until you practice faithfulness you don’t touch the righteousness of God. What will give you access to the gate of God is faithfulness, God releases Himself on the altar of faithfulness. The course of God will continue to suffer on earth until faithful men shows up. That is, when there are no faithful men, the work of God will stop. 

Faithful men don’t eat their sacrifice. Until a man is committed to a course, he can never be committed to the things of God. God will never put anything in your hands if you are not committed, every committed man is an obedient man. God expands where there are committed people, faithfulness must be preserved at all time and all places.

Components of faithfulness 








Bible references.,

2Tim 2:2, Psalm 33:4, 89:2, Mat 25:21.

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