Friday, June 14th, 2024

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The Role of Memory for Better Quality of Life

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Thursday, May 23rd, 2024
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By Timothy Alor

Can you imagine living your life with no memory? What would it be like? Kevin Horsley answers this question by stating that one would be nothing without memory. No memory means no learning or even thinking.

You wouldn’t be able to tie your shoelaces! Memory is the glue that binds everyone’s lives together. We access our memory while making thousands of decisions every day. Therefore, our quality of life depends on it.

Some teachers say understanding is a critical component of learning. But in reality, comprehension is only helpful if you can recall information.

The learning process starts with receiving new intel and “saving” it in your mind. Therefore, memory is crucial to acquire knowledge. You might argue that memory isn’t necessary in the Internet age, because you can look up anything.

But would you employ a person looking for the data on the Internet? You probably wouldn’t trust a doctor who checks the manual during surgery, because they should have that knowledge in their memory.

Improving your memory reaps many benefits. Aside from quick access to information, you can better your intelligence as connecting pieces of intel will become easier.

You will have a stronger base to build up your knowledge further. Most think having a bad memory is inherent and can’t be helped. The truth is that you must do things differently. Improvement requires a shift in thinking.

Having an item stored in your memory doesn’t necessarily mean you can easily retrieve it; sometimes, for instance, it remains perched on the “tip of your tongue,” just out of reach. Have you experienced that before?

To render memories more retrievable, it helps to practice recalling them, but there’s a catch. Retrieval practice works best when the memory in question is no longer fresh — and that requires the passage of time(the spacing effect)

“A greater percentage of how well you succeed in your field of endeavor rest on the strength of your working Memory” —By Tim.Heavens

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