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The creator and His creation

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Tuesday, May 14th, 2024
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By Princess Arira

God is the creator of all things, God existed before all creation. And everything He created takes existence form the word. The creator is Lord over everything He created, and there is no increase of knowledge that nullifies creation. Faith is needed to understand creation, the nature of biblical creation is theological, doxological and factual. Theological the Bible counters pagan’s cosmological theories both ancient and modern. Doxologically, not only is the creation declaring the glory of God, even the teaching of creation stated that creation is for God’s praise and pleasure. Factually, the Bible reveals God’s creative and formative actions. God is transcendent unlike creation. He alone was not created, possessing the supremacy of eternity and transcendency. 

Man is the only creation made in God’s image and likeness. He did not evolve and can not be defined outside the Bible. He was created as triune (Spirit, soul and body) working as one. God did form the body from His immediate environment (earth). The 93 minerals in the body is the same as that in the earth. The soul (will, intellect and emotion) is the real self. God joined the body and soul with His breath. The spirit of man was created in the image and likeness of God. The image talks about the consciousness of God while the likeness refers to the attitude and personality of God. 

Classes of creation

1. Physical (Visible and Invisible)

2. Thrones

3. Dominion 

4. Principalities

5. Power

6. Things in heaven and things in earth

No man has ever counseled the creator, He has never bowed to any problem of man. There is nothing that God created that God cannot control. No creature of God can improve the creator (God) He is the only King that reigns for ever. The creator reigns and rules over the creation. 

Bible references;

Rev 19:11-16, Heb 11:3, Col 1:16, 

Gen 1:3-30, 2:7. 

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