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A Journey to Yes

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Saturday, March 16th, 2024
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By Israel Faith

Life indeed comes with its ups and downs on every road deferring from individuals. For years, a tireless search has been a burden driving Alex, hoping to stumble upon the one who would seal up the accessible pathway to his heart.

Setbacks and heartaches were numerous along the way, without relenting, Alex cease not to keep back on his quest for his deep likeness. Time and time again, he found himself facing rejection, each refusal cutting deeper than the last. But with each rejection, he became more determined than ever to find the one who would say “Yes.”

His hopes and dreams began to wither as all greener opportunity turned abortive. The pressure from his maternal home never helped as they pressed him so hard, especially his mother demanding for grandchildren. Night and day saw each running flood that flowed down his cheeks.

Years passed and his search was strengthened when he met a friend that narrated his collection of events. It gave him a boost.

He went out on his daily activity one fateful day when he stumbled on a well prepared damsel. His whole system felt the vibrating shock like an electric circuit. From the moment he saw her, he felt that the one he had been searching for all along is right before his gaze.

He reached out to this damsel with shaky limbs not knowing what to say. The lady interrupted the silence saying, “Hello Sir, how can I be of help to you?”He stood more speechless as he heard the calm voice that spoke. He finally replied, leading to a long chatty time.

The young lady named Sarah, a kind and beautiful soul who captured his heart like no one else ever had was his ring tune daily. He never settles a second without a dial.

Gradually, their love blossomed and grew, Alex began to plan the perfect surprise marriage proposal, wanting to sweep Sarah off her feet and show her just how much she meant to him.

He carefully crafted a proposal that would be both unforgettable and deeply meaningful, pouring his heart and soul into every detail.

The days leading up to the proposal were filled with nervous excitement, as Alex anxiously awaited the moment when he would finally pop the bubbles. He couldn’t wait to see the look of joy and surprise on Sarah’s face.

Finally, the day arrived, and Alex’s heart raced with anticipation as he led Sarah to the spot well prepared by his friends, where he had planned to ask for her hand in marriage. With trembling hands and a voice filled with emotion, he got down and poured out his love for her, asking her to be his forever.

And in that magical moment, as tears of joy streamed down her face, Sarah said “Yes,”her heart overflowing with love for the man who had captured her soul. It was a moment of pure happiness and bliss, a culmination of years of searching and waiting, and it was more beautiful than Alex could have ever imagined.

At that instant, it dawn on Alex that every trial and tribulation he had faced all the way had been worth it, for it had led him to this perfect moment with the woman of his dreams.

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