Cake and Coal

By Princess Arira

As we progress in the things of God, most of us miss out because we believe in earthly things that we see. Good will start with you from a realm that you know. That is, He will start from an area of familiarity to a strange realm. If you don’t know how to retain your strength in the presence of the Lord, you will be exhausted. Dealings always change with God, when God begin to deal with you, realm changes. God will first begin with familiar things that are common, things you can appreciate and things you can change. And as time goes on, God will begin to deal with you in different ways, and if you are not careful, your heart will already be fixated to a particular way of His dealings with you, and you will miss it when God changes His method. Some people stop growing when provision changes, meanwhile provision didn’t stop, the means only changed.

As time goes on in your journey as a believer, God expects you to change dimensions and level. God will change the means of intervention, you will get frustrated if God has changed His means. God can never be wrong and no man can correct the spirit of God. The problem of most believers is that they look up to where God has left and look away from where God is constantly staying. Provision is always constant but the means changes. The period between when you need to acclimatize to where God is and where God used to be is very hard. Some provisions are just one-off, but don’t make it permanent.

You will miss God if you continue to look at a particular means. When you don’t understand the move of God, you will miss God when He shifts. You will get frustrated when you remain at the same level where God began with you. God started with four things with the children of Israel and these are., Raven, bread, meat and water and then He shifted to Angel, cake, coal and water. This generation is satisfied with the manifestation of God but does not want God. They only want to enjoy the cake and coal, get God. Most believers stops at the cake and coal.
You miss God when you don’t know where God is. When you don’t see God, you don’t build capacity. What makes the difference is not cake and coal, it is about touching God. God will wait until you know what you are doing. When you get to the place of the voice of God, you have gotten God. Answers to prayers are not free, your obedience should be checked, if you are consistently praying and not  seeing results.
For you to be promoted in the things of God, God will rate you on your commitments to Him, for Him to take you on a journey from one place to the other.

Bible references.,1kings 19:5-6, John 3:12, Exo 3:22, 12:35-36,16:4.

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