The ways Jesus was surbodinate to His Father

Princess Arira

Jesus lived His entire life because of the Father. He did everything to please the Father, He was sent to this world so as to do the Father’s will. Jesus will never do anything Independently, He always depend on His Father and even thank Him in anticipation before setting to do something. Jesus was sent to the world by the Father, God gave Him authority and direction. In explaining Himself, He can be the only one to explain things.

Jesus consistently learn to trust God His Father, He always receives His message from the Father. When you doubt God, you cut off the supply. Always strive to be that child who trust God. Jesus called God Father. Jesus started His ministry in anguish and ended with anguish.
Jesus is the way to which man is able to approach God. Some men do all kinds of mischievous things to get their results but the truth is, God is never involved in anything darkness because He is all light.
Jesus is the only way through which every man is saved. He died for all of man kind, His death is not particular to some set of ethnic group, it is for that whole world.

Jesus lived a life of humility, there was nothing like pride in Him. He humbled Himself even to the point of death.

Bible references.,Jhn 6:56, Jhn 20:12, 14:6, Phi 2:5-8.

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