How your heart condition can engage God

1. Meditation: meditation enhances soul purity, prosperity and spiritual navigation. To enjoy God, we have to put our heart in good condition, so as to be able to engage Him. Medi therapy: Reading the bible everyday will help more.

 There are 5 major gate to the heart
1. Eye: your eyes is a gate to your soul, you see with your eyes physically and spiritually, when the eyes of your heart are opened, you will be able to engage God in all ways.
2. Ears: faith is of the heart, and this faith commeth by HEARING and hearing of the WORD OF GOD.
3. Nose
4. Tongue: Life and death are in the power of the tongue. The tongue is the major weapon for either giving life or death.  
5. Skin

*Your imagination is also a major gate to the heart
*If you can capture the gates of your heart and focus on God, your experiences of God will be daily in your life.
*Your life is not looking like what the scripture says, it’s because of your lifestyle, and what your heart has fellowshipped so much with. The posture of your heart determines if you will receive from God or not.
*When the bible said pray without ceasing, it doesn’t mean to move mouth alone, but to engage your heart with the word of God, thinking about God and to engage in spiritual exercises.
*We Progress in the Kingdom by engaging the heart on the thoughts of God.
*Exercising the heart by meditation helps to strengthen your soul for navigating the realms of the kingdom.

Bible references.,Josh 1:8, ROM 10:17, Pro 18:21, Heb12:2,  2Cor 3:18, 1Thes 5:15-17.

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