How To Journey Into Greatness

By Princess Arira

What is greatness? Greatness is having that state of capacity to impact and contribute towards the total well-being of mankind which makes you valuable to them and also command influence and affluence towards you. Does everyone have capacity to attain greatness in them? The answer is yes. The seed of greatness is in every man. Whether you are born again or not, that seed of greatness is in every man. Greatness is more of an internal affair than external. It is determined by how well you are able to utilize the advantage of the spirit realm and the advantage of a developed mind. Now you need to understand that your soul works with your spirit. The soul and the spirit are interconnected, they are conjoined. Your soul doesn’t work in isolation or exist in insolation. Many are only aware of their souls alone because they haven’t had deep intercourse or interactions with their spirits. Your soul can only contact the soul realm while your spirit can contact the spirit realm. And it is through your soul that you can get the signals and information from the spirit realm.

Until the soul is trained to get communications from the spirit, the soul will just be limited to mental ideas and won’t be able to tap into spiritual ideas. And meditations and prayers are tools through which you enlarge the flow of information from the spirit to the soul. This is what any man can learn, whether you are born again or not. God is no respecter of persons. There are universal principles that can work for anyone. I have seen how God used His angels to minister to those who are not even born again but have good works and pure hearts. I was now asking God how this can be possible. Then God remind me of Cornelius in the scriptures. Cornelius wasn’t born again as at the time that the angel appeared to him, ministered to him to go call for Peter. In fact the Angel said the good deeds of Cornelius is now registered as a memorial before God. Now what is the difference between a born again and those who are not? It is ETERNAL LIFE.

Those who are not born again, can apply universal principles and attain greatness in different fields in life, they can be so rich and influential on this Earth, but it doesn’t guarantee them ETERNAL LIFE. Those who are not born again can have access to the spirit realm as well. For in the spirit realm, there are different kinds of spirits. But those who are not born again can never have the opportunity of communion with Christ in their spirits. What is the advantage for sons of God having eternal life in their spirits, when it comes to their journey towards greatness? You see, the desire of God for His sons is far beyond riches, fame or influence and all those material things. This is not greatness when it comes to the highest divine perspective. God’s definition of greatness is actually the fulfilment of God’s ultimate will and desire for your life. This is what I termed DIVINE GREATNESS.

The journey towards divine greatness starts when you know God’s purpose and assignment for your life and you are walking in that direction towards it’s fulfilment. This is far above and beyond riches and fame. Jesus said my meat or food is to do the will of God. He also said not my will but His will be done in my life. Jesus was not after fulfilling His own desires, but the desire of God the Father for His life. Jesus was not the richest on the earth when He walked the earth, but He had eternal impact and the greatest impact in eternity. This is true greatness. This is the kind of greatness that stands the test of time and the test of eternity. Your life is empty if all you pursue is money. Your life is far bigger than money and fame and all that this world can offer. Jesus was tempted with all these things, but He was wiser, He knew His life is bigger than all material things in this world.

 So you can say Divine greatness is actually impacting lives with the will of God for your life. It’s important you know why you are existing on this Earth. It’s important you know God’s intent, plans and purpose for your life at every point in time, and then pursue it with your all. That’s how to attain true greatness. This is true greatness. Many of you are also walking already in the paths of greatness. You might not have much money now. Don’t be distracted by that. You might not have much fame now. Don’t let anyone intimidate you with that. Keep your focus strong on what God has spoken to you to do. That’s where your shining is. That’s where your greatness is. You are born to shine and to glow. You are born to impact lives with that eternal life in your spirit with that unique gift and assignment that God has given you.

On the road to greatness, it is important you receive strategies from God and instructions on how to fulfill your assignment. These instructions and strategies is what will unlock the wisdom to fulfill that assignment and also command the flow of resources towards you. You can never be stranded in life only if you will live your life constantly being led by the Spirit. God wants you to stay led by His Spirit and not by your feelings or emotions. This is a wisdom you must stick to, if you really want to walk in greatness.

Bible references.,Acts 10, John 3:16, Act 10:34-35,Luke 22:42, John 4:34.

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