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Tuesday, October 24th, 2023

by Isreal Faith

The exciting mid-term was no ordinary holiday. It was a week of a conjuring trick, a playfully annoying action, and a state of great chaos for the parents. However, for the kids, it was a much needed respite from school, a time for fun, relaxation, and adventure so to say.

As the last bell struck, the children streamed out of their classrooms, exhilarated by the prospect of a whole week away from school revealing their newfound freedom.

They zoomed around on broomsticks, their laughter echoing through the town. The parents, now immobile statues, watched with wide eyes as their offspring discovered the wonders of the magical break, anxiously preparing for the disturbance that was about to descend upon their homes.

The kitchen became a land of culinary enchantment, where ingredients floated off the shelves, and pots and pans danced to the rhythm of a peculiar tune. The children attempted to cook concocting dishes that were a mix of the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Muddy footprints decorated the once-unsuilled floors as the kids engaged in outdoor adventures that left trails of destruction.

As the days went by, parents found themselves navigating a whirlwind of activities.

Bedtime routines were no difference as it stretched into epic bedtime of long stories that seemed to have no end and requests for one more glass of water that were never-ending. The parents yearned for some peace and quiet, a moment to catch their breath.

The uneasiness crept in as the week progressed. Parents worried about unfinished work they had to bring home or whether the house would ever return to its pre-midterm break state. They missed the tranquility of their daily routines and, secretly, the hours of solitude while their children were at school.

At a point, something beautiful began to happen. Parents began to see their kids in a new light. They watched as their children laughed, explored, and grew, learning from each other and from the freedom of the break. They realized that these moments of unease were also moments of bonding and precious memories in the making.

Finally, the days of leisure came to an end, the children packed their bags and returned to school, leaving behind a house that bore the marks of their adventures. The parents breathed a sigh of relief but also felt a sense of emptiness. They missed the laughter, the mess, and the sheer joy of having their kids around.

The mid-term break may have been a rollercoaster of restlessness for the parents, but it was also a reminder of the beauty of family, love, and the cherished moments that made the anxious mind worthwhile.

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