Spiritual Patterns in Family

Patterns are repetitive occurrence or events that occurs in bloodline. You can’t say something is a pattern until it reoccur in your blood line. Patterns are created by sin, carelessness and ignorance or mistakes of men. For example, Abraham the friend of God. He has two patterns ( The cross pattern, and the daughters in his family always get defiled). The cross pattern started with the mistake of Abraham. God never had plans for ishmael. He came to existence because of Abraham’s mistakes and that left a pattern in His generation.

Anytime you go outside the will of God, you create a negative pattern. When a man goes outside his circumference, his details create a negative pattern. God never had plans for Ishmael but Isaac was the original plan of God. Because Ishmael was not in the plan of God, he created a cross pattern. The failure of the man does not change the faithfulness of God.
God will never put His blessings on your mistake, and that was why God covenant was not traced to Ishmael. Patterns might not happen on time, but a situation will legalize it. Patterns will always reverse your life. Civilization does not remove patterns, the only thing that removes pattern is prayer.

Gen16:1-4, Gen17:1-27, Gen 25:23-33, 2Sam 13:13-14, James 5:14.

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