The Fullness of Jesus

The portfolio of the fullness of Jesus is in citation, credentials and hallmark. All fulness are in Jesus. And the fulness of God is for all. Those who get the fulness of God are those who understands sacrifice and price paying, spectators cannot receive of God’s fulness. When you set your heart on the fulness of God you become a carrier of heaven. Those who have dealings with the fulness of God are current in every ramifications of life, His fulness brings you to precision and accuracy.

Understanding the fulness of God gives you rest on all sides.  The portfolio of Jesus

1.) He is the word and He is God Jhn 1:1-2:- There are three that bears witness in heaven. When you are not speaking the word, you are denying yourself of blessings and the goodness of God.
2.) He is the creator of all things:- All things were created by Him Jhn1:3, 10. All you need is Jesus, because He made all things. 

3.) He is the source of Life:- When you don’t have Him in your life, you begin to walk in darkness. Anywhere there is no Jesus, darkness thrives there, and everywhere Jesus is there is always light. There is a light that comes from Jesus that brings life, there is no man that comes to Jesus that remains in darkness. Until the life of Jesus comes to you, you cannot shine. Jesus is the only source of light in heaven , that is, He is the illuminator in heaven.
4.) He owns all the power:- Jesus has all the monopoly of power Mat 28:18. Absolute power belongs to Him, the power of Jesus doesn’t have an expiration date. And it doesn’t have any limitation Psm 62:11.

5.) He is full of grace and truth Jhn 1:14:- When you begin to walk with Jesus, the first thing you experience is His grace. What ever experience of how and when He’s dealing with you, is a measure of His grace. Grace is what makes up for your weaknesses. There is accountability with mercy, there is no dealing of Jesus that is not a measure of His grace. Jesus is grace personified, when grace cease in the life of a man, Jesus stops.
6.) He is the chief baptizer Jhn 1:33:-  Where there is no baptism of Jesus in you, you become dead. You cannot burn until you are baptized by Jesus.

Bible references.,Jhn1:16, Gen 1:1, Col 1:16, Rev 1:4.

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