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How to Rediscover Intimacy and Passion After Having Children

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Tuesday, August 1st, 2023
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Faith James


For any couple, having children is a lovely and life-changing experience. However, many couples discover that their passion and intimacy may suffer amid the happiness and fulfillment of parenthood. Parenting obligations might make it difficult to find the time and resources necessary to maintain the romantic bond that first drew them together. This blog post is for parents who want to rekindle their relationship’s passion. In this post, we will look at how to rediscover intimacy and passion with your partner after having kids.

1. Recognize the Obstacles:

Recognizing the difficulties that parenting entails is crucial before beginning the process to rekindle the connection. Sleepless nights, added responsibilities, and limited time alone can strain the romantic aspect of your partnership. Accept that these challenges are a natural part of parenthood, and understanding this will lay the foundation for positive change.

2. Prioritize quality time together:

It’s essential to set aside time for each other among demanding schedules and parenting obligations. Plan frequent date nights or at-home “couple time” while the kids are sleeping or with a dependable caregiver. Spend this time getting to know one another again, exchanging stories, and relaxing in each other’s company.

3. Have direct and honest conversations:

The foundation of any happy relationship is good communication. Tell your partner about your emotions, worries, and goals. Talk openly about your needs and pay close attention to what they have to say. Focus on understanding and empathy rather than assigning blame or making judgments. Sincere discussions will promote emotional closeness and offer a comfortable environment for both parties to share their feelings.

4. Restoring Touch Affection:

Intimacy between partners needs to be maintained through physical touch. It’s important to renew physical intimacy in your relationship, even when parental duties can occasionally leave you feeling worn out. Hugs, kisses, and holding hands are just a few simple actions that can strengthen your bond.

5. Arrange Romantic Vacations:

Your relationship can get a fresh start in life by taking a break from the routine. Even if it’s only on the weekend, schedule a romantic trip. This change of location will give you a chance to unwind, revive, and find each other apart from your parental roles.

6. Encourage each other’s personal development:

Partners need to encourage one another’s personal development and self-care.

Encourage your spouse to follow their hobbies and aspirations while taking care of your own needs. It improves the overall connection and closeness in the relationship when each partner is happy in their own right.

7. Get Professional Assistance If Needed:

Seeking the advice of a couples therapist can be helpful if the problems in your relationship seem overwhelming. A qualified counselor can assist you in resolving problems, enhancing communication, and identifying strategies for rekindling love and intimacy.


Parenthood is a changing experience that can strengthen a couple’s love but can present difficulties for intimacy and desire.

By acknowledging these challenges and actively working towards rediscovering the romantic connection, you can create a fulfilling and thriving relationship after having children.

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