Jesus has cultivated fruits in the life of every believer, the day they received His life, He planted His fruits in you. What is this fruits that Jesus decide to cultivate in you? All the fruits were listed in Gal 5:22-23. Your functionality, effectiveness and productivity in the kingdom is a function of your fruit bearing. A man that is fruitless is not useful for the kingdom, the fruits that God desire to see in our life is the very character/quality of Jesus in us.

A man without virtue cannot function in the kingdom, when you carry Jesus the structure of Jesus behaviour is domicile in you and that fruit does not come by impartation. What you need to learn by principles God will not give you by experience, the gift of the Holy Spirit represent the work of Jesus but the fruits of the Holy spirit represent the virtue/ Character/ quality of Jesus.

After you have received the life of Jesus,  you become fruitful when the qualities of Jesus’ life becomes evidently increasing in your life. A man the doesn’t possess the quality of Jesus cannot function, for you to be fruitful you must not be static. A man that doesn’t understand long suffering will come down with covetousness. The life that showcase the quality and virtue of Jesus is the life that will impact this generation. Jesus did not ask us to produce fruits, He asked us to bear fruits. Jesus does all the work, all we need do as believers is just to be connected to Him who is the vine. 
In the kingdom of God it takes time to grow fruits. there is nothing like instant fruits, it has to stand the test of time.

There are many forces at work that inhibit physical fruits bearing, examples of which are insects, weather conditions, diseases, animals, soil etc. A depleted soul will not bear fruit, so also, there are many forces that hinders spiritual fruits. These forces are the devil, persecution, cares of the world, sin and flesh.The process God uses to bring bearing of fruits to believers is called “PRUNING”.

Pruning checks our busy schedule, some of us are too busy for God to prune us. Pruning involves pain (pruning hurts you). A prune vine looks like a butchered vine. An encyclopedia describes pruning as intentional destruction. Most believers have stopped over at perseverance. Handling God takes a man that has suffered long. God will use people and circumstances to prune you.

Pruning involves training, sometimes God adds to us by teaching us. Sometimes God improves us by principles, by giving us some spiritual things to experience in order to learn. We can never be in charge of the pruning of our life but only God can. The man that is incharge of his own growth will never grow. 


As painful as pruning is, the alternative to it is even more frightening. When you are not pruned, you end up in wastage. This simply means the alternative to pruning is wastage. When God sees that you are constantly resisting His pruning He lives you alone to waste if you want to, because He does force His will on anyone.
Every man that refuse to be pruned get wasted and any man that is pruned is preserved. The only way to survive the prunning of God is to ABIDE. A man that is not pruned will bring contamination to the ranks of God.

Bible references.,Gal 5:22-23, Heb 12:11, Isa 5:6, Jhn 3:18. 

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