Unexpected Reasons Why You’re Still Single

Although being single is not as terrible as we may believe, there are times in our lives when we will require a spouse but certain traits stand as a stumbling block that hinders us from walking down the aisle with a partner.

We don’t need to be overly grown (old) before we get married, but did you know there are some reasons why you might be single even as a value-packed lady, even as a young, rich, talented, and spiritual brother?

Below are certain things to put in check to avoid unnecessary delays in marital accomplishments.


As a single person, your smile serves as your signature. You don’t need to frown at everyone because you are value-filled or to prove a point.

 There are potential spouses out there whose smiles will serve as a magnetic force of attraction. As you walk into the mall, give a deep smile. As you stop by the restaurant to eat, be cheerful to the waiters. In everything you do, ensure you remain generous with your smile.


Have you ever heard guys say, “I adore her, but she can’t keep it together”? She has trouble figuring out what to do in some situations, and women have commented that he lacks the poise necessary to appear classy.

Composing yourself just means your ability to be calm even amid pressure. You don’t just easily flare up just because you’re offended or throw abusive words at people.


 One of the factors which have rendered you single for an extended period could have been your rude behavior.

Not everyone is out to do you harm. There are some decent individuals in the world. Snubs are very poor behavior. Instead of snubbing individuals, be sensitive to the reasons why they seek your attention in the first place.

If you will ever say no to a potential partner, do that politely.


Flee from disrespect! It’s disgusting.

Men especially hate ladies who talk and act in disrespect but are attracted to women who can respect them for who they are.

All people are deserving of respect either youthful or old, ivory or black. Appreciate everyone out there. You quickly attract suitors when you have a sense of manners and respect.


Good-looking can never be over-emphasized.

We are all aware that how we appear will influence how people treat us.  Your appearance is the first attractive force when it comes to meeting prospective spouses.

Wear well-shaped and neat dresses, value the use of perfumes and deodorant, brush your teeth regularly, and ensure you have proper daily baths. 

Whilst you build good character, virtue, and hard work ensures you also pay attention to your physical appearance, it helps you to relate to your social environment.

©Faith James

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    Relatable reasons

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