Heavenly Crown for Believers

By Princess Arira

The reward for being an obedient Christian is the reward of a crown. When we get to heaven, you shall be rewarded with a crown. A crown is just like the price confer on victors in a public place/game, it’s a symbol of reward of eternal life. It is an emblem of royal dignity ascribed to saint in heaven. There is no activity of man that doesn’t have a reward. Believers that makes it to heaven will be rewarded with crowns and these are; The imperishable crown, the crown of rejoicing, the crown of righteousness, the crown of glory and the crown of life.

The Imperishable Crown:- This crown has to do with holiness, for you to partake on God’s holiness, you have to acknowledge that you are running a race. Flesh will deny you of this heavenly race and the crown, you have to allow God discipline you and you also discipline yourself. When you are not discipline, you will begin to impress man. 

The Crown Of Rejoicing:- An average believer doesn’t have joy, they look at something to hold on to, to give them joy. Rejoicing has no root from anything earthly, it comes from a joy in the sufficiency of Jesus. A man that is not happy cannot spread Jesus, because what you are spreading is good news, and good news comes with rejoicing. Rejoicing cannot be imparted, although it’s contagious.

The Crown Of Righteousness:- You don’t claim the crown of righteousness, you walk it out by faith. Godliness has to do with fighting the good fight of faith. Every man that fights the good fight of faith endures hardship, persecution and rejection and don’t entangle themselves in sin. This crown is for those who finish their course and those who have faith, those who doesn’t know how to press cannot finish the course.

The Crown Of Glory:- The crown of glory are for those who have close intimacy and commitment with Christ. When you don’t have a relationship with Jesus, you don’t have business with His glory. That is, no fellowship, no glory. It takes time to see the glory of God, those who are part-time followers will not receive the crown of glory.

The Crown Of Life:- The reward for those who live the life of Christ and keep to His commandments is the for the crown of Jesus Christ, which is His life. Eternal life, the life that has no end, those that work and walk with Christ shall reign with Him forever. The man in Christ, is the one that has His life.

Bible references.,1Cor 9:24-25, 1Thes 2:19, 2Tim4:8, 1Pet5:4, Rev2:10.

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