The Path Of Divinity

By Princess Arira

What is a path? A path is simply a way or route or passage taken to a specific destination. If there is a path, then it means there is a journey to a destination, and there is the path of the just. The path of the just is as a shining light. Who is the just? The just is the one who is righteous or is deemed to be righteous. All sons of God have been made righteous by the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. So the just are those who have the righteousness of God, the divine nature of God in their spirits. But if we are just spirit beings who have just this perfection of spirits there will be no need for transformation and conformation to the perfect image of Christ. We are not just spirit beings. We are also soul beings. We have been gifted with the Divine nature in our spirits through our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. After which we have been called unto a journey of transformation in our souls.

Your soul doesn’t become perfect at salvation, at the born again experience. So there is need for a believer to go through a journey of renewing his mind. You already have divinity installed in your spirit. But for this divinity to manifest, your soul must be transformed. The journey to this manifestation is what I call the path of divinity. And this path is as a shining light. Why is the path called a shining light? The path is called a shining light because of the manifestation of light that glows through you as you progress along this path. Because you progress on this path as much as the Word gain entrance into the depths of your heart and becomes your consciousness. As you make progress on this path of divinity, you are unlocking, activating the effulgence and outflow of the divine nature in you. And the more your soul is transformed by the Truth of God’s word, the more of this outflow and shining of the divine light through you. 

This path if divinity is a journey. And if it is a journey then there is a destination. What is the destination? It says the perfect day. The perfect day is the time or when you come to the full stature of Christ in your soul. What does the path of divinity entails? The path of divinity entails you growing in your understanding, consciousness and manifestations of divine love. And you can’t manifest divine life without love. The person you want to manifest is love. For God is love, So a son of God must grow in the consciousness of the divine love and the manifestation of divine love before he can manifest divine life. Life flows from love. God is love and from His love flows life.  Without love, life can not flow or manifest. 

As a believer, the responsibility is with you to let your light shine. This is done by walking in love. And you walk in love by walking in the spirit. When you walk in the spirit you will not fulfill the desires of the flesh. This means you are doing what the Spirit of God is leading you to do at all times. The Spirit of God is Love when you obey Him then you are walking in love. When you obey His words and promptings then you are working in love. You also walk in love by constantly walking in a divine romantic relationship with God. Jesus said the laws are summed up in loving God and your neighbor.

When you love God with all of your heart and your neighbor then you have fulfilled all laws. Walking in love sets you on a path of divinity. On this path is as a shining light. On this path is true spiritual growth and transformation. Transformation is not in just meditations on the Word but also practicing and doing the Word. Transformation can never be complete in you until you actually practice what you read and meditate on. Do the Word!!!

So your meditations on God’s word and your conviction should lead you to practicing it. The kingdom of God is not in word only but in the demonstration of the power of God. This is the path of divinity. It is seen in your growth in the manifestations of love, life and light as you give yourself to meditations on God’s word and practicing it.

Bible references.,Pro 4:18, 2Cor 5:21, Rom 5:1, Psm 119:105, 1Jhn 4:8,16, Gal 5:6, Jam 2:26, 1Cor 4:20.

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