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Africa: The Sun Will Set, the Stage Is Set, the World Cup Starts!

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Saturday, November 19th, 2022
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By Dylan Bettencourt

PICK OF THE SPORT: The entire world will come to a standstill on Sunday, when the Qatar 2022 World Cup kicks off.

Football will take centre stage when the moment everybody has been waiting four years for finally arrives. There is no bigger stage, there is no better prize, there are no moments more special than those in the World Cup.

Sport does a spectacular job of bringing people together and there is no event that brings people together more than the World Cup, for the good and the bad.

While there have been a few more bad moments regarding the World Cup, the beauty of the showpiece, holding the hopes of 32 nations, will surely allow the good to shine through.

The spectacle only comes around every four years, which makes each win and loss more special than the one before. All seven fixtures are must-wins, every game counts, every goal is crucial and every moment will be savoured by the fans of that country.

The World Cup kicks off with hosts Qatar taking on Ecuador at 6pm on Sunday evening, in the only fixture of the day.

However, from Monday onwards there is a feast of football every single day.

England will take on Iran at 3pm, followed by Senegal facing the Netherlands at 6pm and lastly the United States will face Wales at 9pm.

Tuesday has four fixtures throughout the day with Argentina kicking the action off against Saudi Arabia at 12pm. Denmark will then face Tunisia at 3pm with Mexico taking on Poland at 6pm. Lastly, France will face Australia at 9pm.

The rest of the week’s action will be outlined by Scrolla.Africa on Tuesday.

There are several World Cup-dedicated channels across DStv with all the main action taking place on channel 202.

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