The Distinctive Features of a Child of God

By Princess Arira

What identifies you as a child of God is not your denomination nor the display of power, the distinctive features of God’s people is HOLINESS. Holiness is as a function of intimacy with God, that is when you partake of the nature of God. And what brings you into relationship with God is SALVATION. Which means you have now partaken in the nature of God. Salvation is a call, and you must be drawn by God Himself before you can partake of His nature.

The end result of salvation is for you to be a holy nation. God wants a separate people from the world, God is interested in our priesthood. Priesthood is sacrifice because it takes obedience and sacrifice. Anything at all you become does not interest God as you becoming holy. Without holiness you can’t be closer to God because God will never relate with unclean things.

Holiness affects everything that you do, for you to enjoy God’s given inheritance and walk uprightly with God, holiness is a distinguishing factor. Your holiness must not be to anyone but unto the Lord because that is what guarantees your holy home. Holiness keeps you above, it makes you uncommon.
As a believer, you cannot truly represent God until you have this distinctive/distinguishing factor called holiness. Holiness makes you affects your environment, holiness brings profitability to God. It’s a trait that leads you and make you operate from the realm of God, holiness is the nature of God that we believers partake in.

Holiness is not a choice but an integral part of salvation. Without holiness, your call is not complete, God is interested in His people being holy but not your works or what you have in the ministry. God will never bless you through unholy way but He blesses you through process that is clean and holy.

Bible references.,Lev 11:44-45, 2Pet 1:4, Deut 26:18-19, 2Cor 7:1, 6:17-18 and Rev 1:5-6, 5:9-10.

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