Body Types and Style

By Janet Adeyemo

Going stark naked on the street, is not normal. Our body need to be adorned with clothing, packaging our assets as we stun gatherings.

Knowing your body shape as a female, is a necessity. It is this knowledge, that aids in your choice of clothing.

How do you know your body shape?

Here is a quick Do It Yourself means of detecting the kind of body you have.

First, you need a tape.

Start with measuring your bust. Measure the fullest part of your bust.

Do not put the tip so tight that it squashes, make sure to stay horizontal.

For the waist. Wrap the tape measurement around your natural waist, just above your belly button and below your rib cage.

If you are bent to the side, the crips that forms, is your natural waist line.

For the hip. Add one hip below the hip bone and wrap the tape measurement, completely around. Put the tape above the largest part of your butt.

The hip is where the thigh bone meets the pelvis to form a ball-and-socket joint

Once you have this measurement, you can determine your body shape.


PEAR SHAPED BODY: The lower part of your body is larger than the upper part and your hips are wider than your shoulder.

When you dress, the attention should be to your arms and waist, draw the attention from your hips.

To draw the attention from your hips, you need to wear dark colours at your hips region while you use flashy blouses.

This does not imply that you wear dark colours, all the time.

RECTANGLE BODY SHAPE: The size of the shoulder, hip and waist are all very similar.

When dressing, lay emphasis on your arms and legs.

Wear clothes that create curves like scoop necks and layers to your clothes that will create more dimensions.

As for the tops get tops with more curves and feminine silhouette, that defines the waist like fitted blazers.

INVERTED TRIANGLE BODY SHAPE: This body shape is characterised with broad shoulders  and waist compared to your hips.

The broad shoulders give the body an athletic physique.

When dressing this body, emphasise your bottom half with bright colours and full skirt.

The goal is to balance the broad shoulders, chest and back with a narrow lowered body to create a balanced silhouette.

Choose clothes that add curves to your hips and bottom, in a more defined way.

Dress simple.

HOUR GLASS BODY SHAPE: This body shape is characterised by the size of your hip and shoulders, being roughly the same and a waist that is slim – relative to the rest of the body.

You are curved.

In dressing this body, wear fitted clothes that emphasise your shape.

Show off your curves tastefully by not wearing clothes that are extremely tight.

Having stated these times of body shape, where do you fall into?

Do bear in mind that your body shape can change over time.

Aging is one of the factors that changes the body shape.

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