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The Multipotentilalite

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Thursday, September 15th, 2022
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By Janet Adeyemo

“As I type this article, I need to have an innate study of myself. Who am I?

I love to write, to connect with my audience emotion and assure my readers that I understand them for I am human… but there is something about me, in as much as I write, it seems I am trying to find myself, to put the my life’s puzzle together and connect the dots.

There are many things that catch my fancy and these ‘many things’ are not related in any form.

I am a Medical Doctor, I pioneer a Technological Firm, a Writer and Sculptor. In as much as my finance is more than enough to cater for me and my pregnant wife, I will like to say that the young man is not comfortable in the body that bears it.

I am not a specialist of my own.

My many interests and creative pursuits make me wonder if I am normal or I am an unserious being who may have to spend his life searching for unidentified answers.”

This is the picture of one who is burdened with the thought of being a jack of all trade,  yet master of none.

This is the multipotentialite.

Multipotentialite is gotten from two words ‘MULTI and POTENTIAL’. Multipotential refers to an educational and psychological term, which is the ability and preference a person particularly one if a strong intellectual or artistic curiosity to excel in two or more different field.

It has been said that a multipotentialite is the opposite of a specialist.

While a specialist is someone who is an expert in, or devoted to, some specific branch of study or research, a multipotentialite may not be an expert in a specific. He knows something of everything and perform above average in his many interests.


  • RAPID LEARNING: Multipotentialites are a rapid learners. They understand what it means to be start from scratch as a beginner, since their numerous interest which evolves with time, leads them to learn new skills as amateur

They may take the process of a beginner, a thousand times in their life. This equips them with the ability to learn rapid and digest needed information faster.

  • GOOD LEADERS: Multipotentialites have a higher chance of being good leaders. They multiple abilities earn them the ability to know something of everything in a space and pose them as inclusive leaders.

Note that Steve Jobs may not be a better programmer compared to the coders at apple, rather his many valuable skills and unique creative thinking stands him out.

Tim Ferriss said, “It is the big picture generalist who will predict, innovate and rise to power fastest. There is a reason why military generals are called SAT’s.”

  • CREATIVE: The fast changing world we live in, demands that we need persons who can think outside the box, possibly juxtaposing ideas from varying fields to form a whole -a solution.

In a world as such, with this in demand, it is important to note that a multipotentialite adapts more in such kind of world, unlike a specialist who is more particular about his cause.

The truth is that most multipotentialite do not have varying interest in a particular field. Most times, their intrest cut across different niches.

The knowledge of a particular interest can stand them out in delivery a work in a particular niche when there is a creative blend of varying ideas.


In as much as these sect of persons are trying to air the advantages associated with their reality, it is important that we consider the other side of the coin – disadvantages of multipotentialite.

  • RISK TO BURNOUT: Trying to pay attention in various interests, can be tasking and could leave one stress.

Most multipotentialite are prone to this, if there schedule is choked. They get tired easily as they are mentally stressed, trying to pay attention to varying calls of duty.

  • MASTERY TAKES A LONG TIME: Knowing something of everything, may not smell as good as it sounds as it leaves some multipotentialite almost unlearned in a particular field, since they may not have mastery in their acclaimed niche.

Wow! Now you know that you are normal. Sometimes, the field of medicine needs a blend of your artistic idea and not just the practicals taught in the sugerical theatre.

Next week, we will discuss certain DOs and DON’Ts of a multipotentialite.

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