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Your Nose Hair: A Comprehensive Piece on How to Take Care of your Nose Hair.

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Thursday, September 8th, 2022
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By Janet Adeyemo

The hair, a pigmented filament of keratin which grows from a follicle on the skin of humans and other mammals.

We will consider all you need to know about the nose hair.

The Nose Hair, refers to the hair in the Nose.

In as much as hairs on the skin, is becoming a fashion sensation, it is important to note that overtly grown hair, pertruding from the nose does not speak well of a person. It may be distracting in a conversation and can make others make jest of a person, for poor hygiene.


When you smile and notice your nose hair protruding from your nose.

When you realize that nose hair sticks out your nose.

Basically, your nose hair is overtly long when it surface from your nose, to have a taste of fresh air.


There are two type of nose hair;

1) VIBRISSAE: The vibrissae is also known as the visible nose hair that are so tempting to pull out.

2)  MICROSCOPIC CILIA: The microscopic cilia are smaller hairs that filters mucus through to the back of nose where it eventually goes to your stomach.

Your nose is a passage to your body, anything that goes wrong to the nose may affect the entire body. Do not mess with your nose.

The vibrissae should be perceived as the firstline defence against germs and particles sliding into your nose. Plucking your nose hairs, creating opening for infection and germs. Such infections could travel to the brain since the vein carrying blood to the nose connects with the vien carrying blood out of the brain.

If the germs end up at the back of your head, it can result in inflator the brain which leads to brain abscesses.

Although this condition is rare but persons with low immune system are liable to it, it is important to note that the use of tweezers to pluck the nose hairs is bad, plucking nose hairs with your fingers is worst.

Using your fingers to plucking your nose hair can lead to:

Opening your nose to potential infections

Inducement of a whole host of germs to your nostrils.

Breakage of the skin of the nose.

“A break in the skin from removing the nose hair, cam cause over growth and local cellulitis which spread and become sepsis. Stop ripping nose hair with your fingers.” This was a statement by Dr. Barry Cohen.


1) Trim, do not Pluck: Avoid plucking your nose hair. Plucking your nose hair, leaves the nose bald and open to germs.

Trimming your nose hair, aids in proper care of the nose, such that the nose hairs are well cut yet not completely out of the nose.

Your nose hairs are important. Do not mess with your nose.

2) Use a Round Tip Scissors: Round tip scissors are designed for nose trim.  Do not use just any scissors, especially scissors with sharp tips.

You might leave your nose worst then you met it before the trim.

3) A light Area and Magnifying Glass: While trimming your nose, avoid trimming in a dark or not well lit environment.

A magnifying glass is important while trimming.

You need a light area and a magnifying glass, to aid you view on the act taking place in your nose.

Before trimming, ensure that your scissors and nose are properly washed. Do this again after trimming.

Electric nose trimmer can also be used for trimming the nose hair.

While using this, common make sure you focus on the excess nose hairs.

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