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Facts About Body Odour

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Thursday, August 18th, 2022
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Sweat is odourless and is not the cause of body odourless. This does not underestimate the fact that body odur can be result from the bacteria process in sweat. Human sweat is odourless.

Body odour results from bacteria on a person’s skin, breaking down protein molecules within sweat and producing odourless.

Body odur has a way of affecting a person’s esteem negatively as it repulse others from have much interaction with its patient.

In as much as poor hygiene may result in body odur, note that it may result from serious underlying medical conditions.

Body odour refers to the natural smell origami g from the human body.

Naturally,  the human body can emit some substances that carry smells, these are referred to as odorant, majority of which are important for proper functioning of the body. An excessive accumulation of these compounds on the human skin can result to body odour.

MedicalNewsToday, posited that a person’s skin contains both eccrine and apocrine sweat glands.

Apocrine glands start to function at puberty and are associated with hair follicles in the underarms and groin. These glands produce a viscous, protein-rich sweat that is initially odourless.

However, as bacteria break down the abundance of proteins, they will produce odorant molecules in greater concentrations, causing body odour.

In contrast, eccrine sweat glands predominantly regulate body temperature through perspiration and are not as strongly linked with body odour.

Certain ways to prevent body odour includes:

  • Proper washing of one skin. There is the need to wash your body properly. Once done, make sure you dry that skin appropriately.
  • Decent shaving is advisable. Having hair in areas such as the armpits can slow down the evaporation of sweat, giving bacteria more time to break down proteins and create odorants.

Shaving can help body odour control in that area. When shaving, try to avoid injuries. Be careful not to have friction that may results in wounds.

  • Use antiperspirant. The use of antiperspirant can help a person’s body odour as it changes sweat volumes, altering the amount and activity of odour-causing bacteria.

Body odour can arise from accumulated heat in certain areas of the body convered with clothes or footwear such as the feet. In such cases, it is advisable to pay attention in washing those parts properly.

Certain substance we digest can also generate offensive odour, such as garlic, onion, locust bean etc.

In as much as these substances are good for the body, it is important to note that you have to have a good mouth hygiene to avoid emitting repulsive odours when you communicate with others.

They say, “Prevention is better than cure.” How do you prevent body odour?

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