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Waiting As a Process That God Uses

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Sunday, August 14th, 2022
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By Princess Arira

This generation wants everything fast, this is a generation that throw away process. Whenever God wants you to wait, please do because He has a better plan. God took His time in creation and didn’t create everything the same day, He did it by process, the processes of God is a product of waiting. One of the things waiting will do to you is to make you appreciate thanks giving.

Whatever God gives you that doesn’t pass through waiting cannot glorify God, a man that doesn’t go through process cannot be processed. Waiting resets you, each time you wait, the Lord resets you. Waiting is a time to source the throne of Grace. 
For every waiting you go through, it gives God the opportunity to work on you.

God will deactivate you from the world for some period of time to build you, waiting is through the medium of the spirit. In waiting you have to submit to the spirit of Jesus. God makes you wait to build and prepare you because He doesn’t use already made vessels, God uses the vessels He uses from the scratch. During the waiting period, God makes you wait to teach, instruct, test, make you familiar with Him, protect and also reward you. 
Benefits of waiting

✓ Waiting makes you see the salvation of God and also rejoicing.

✓ Waiting activate the mercy of the Lord and bring His blessings upon you.
✓ Waiting gives birth to expectations from the Lord, when you are waiting on God you mustn’t have any alternative. It must be God and God alone.
✓ Waiting makes strength available for you, for you to affect your environment you need stamina. Mounting up the wing is a function of waiting.
✓ Those who wait on God cannot be put to shame, because many answer from the Lord is a product of waiting.
✓ Waiting on the Lord directs the goodness of God to you, because the Goodness of God is directed and positioned to those who wait on Him. 
✓ We enter our inheritance through the process of waiting, God does not exalt those who don’t wait.
Bible references.,Psm 106:13, Jam 5:7, Heb 6:15, Lam 3:25-26, Gal 5:5, Isa 25:9.

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