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The Secret of Bearing Fruits

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Friday, July 29th, 2022
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By Princess Arira

The surest thing to make your calling and election sure is when you bear fruits. For you to bear fruits, you must be empowered through the knowledge of Him that called us to glory and virtue. There is no fruit bearing outside the knowledge of Christ.

You must experience the life that comes from the glory and virtue of Christ if you want to bear fruits. Fruitfulness comes from the personality of the person of Jesus. For you to bear fruits,  you must also partake of the divine nature of God. Which is the token or a sign that you have escaped the corruption in this world.

This divine nature is imputed in us when we have received/accepted Christ. This means that we must be active carrier of the nature of God for us not to decay.
 Corruption functions by lust, the reason why the church is corrupt/decaying is because there is scarcity of the nature of God. This nature of God is divine and it cannot be sourced or gotten through any man invented ways.

This divine nature cannot be given outside of God, and it must also be cultivated in God. Human method or programs does not give us this nature, this explains the reason why the church is full of activities and programs yet the church is barren. You can’t bear fruits outside of divinity.

Ingredients for fruitfulness

✓ Diligent: Being diligent make you fruitful.

✓ Faith: The system for justification operates by faith, faith is the operating system of justification and that makes you fruitful in Christ.
✓ Virtue: A man that doesn’t have virtue cannot bear fruits.
✓ Knowledge: Knowledge (EPIGNOSIS) makes one fruitful. A man that doesn’t learn cannot be fruitful.
✓ Temperance:  This had to do with emotional restrain or self control. You cannot gain maturity masculinity when you don’t have temperance, you must learn to absorb self control.
✓ Patience: Your patient is produced when your faith is tried, it is trail of your faith that produces patience.
✓Godliness: Godliness brings you profit in the kingdom.
✓ Brotherly Kindness: What makes you respect one another and not disrespect one another is brotherly Kindness, and that brings mutual respect which make you fruitful in the kingdom
✓ Love: Charity and contentment is great gain. You shall be fruitful on all sides when you love like the Father.

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