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Distinction Between Millennials and Generation Z

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Wednesday, July 27th, 2022
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By Janet Adeyemo

Existing humans are grouped into varying generations, depending  on when they were born, as well as characteristics generally associated with persons born at a particular time range.

Millennials and Generation Z are two generations commonly at rival with themselves because one immediately succeeds the other.

They share similar traits which may make a person’s not conversant with their distinctions, confuse one for the other.

In this article, we will be comparing these two generations, as well as give  distinct traits that  distinguishes one from the other.

Millennials, also referred  to as the Generation Y or Gen Y, are persons born between 1980 – 1995. Generation Z, also referred to as Gen Z comprises of persons born in the 21th century or born between 1996 – to the present. They are also referred  to as Centennials.


OPTIMISTIC VISION: A 2016 survey by Lincoln Financial Group tells us that Generation Z are far more optimistic  than the Millennials.

50 percent of Generation Z believe the world is moving in the right direction. More Millennials are of the opinion  that the world would have been better but for the modernism of the Generation Z.

Most Generation Z start talking about their financial future at age 13 and ninety percent of those making plans feel optimistic about what the future  holds for them.

Generation Z advocate for the need to gain financial  freedom from any legitimate means that works aside academics. This doesn’t  underestimate the need to study within the four walls of a school.

The dispensation in which they were born is a digitized one and is viewed to be one that has come to stay, therefore it is theirs to explore for their financial  independence.

Most persons involved in exploring the online space to pay their bills, are optimistic  that their future will be bright.

Millennials saw the evolution of the online space most Generation Z were born into. In as much as they explore the space, they are not as explorative as Generation Z.

ATTENTION  SPAN: It is no news that Generation Z process information fast which lowers the amount of attention paid to “what is done.” Our next point,  explains better.

MULTITASKING: The lowered attention span in Generation Z (lack of attention) is made up for in their ability to multitask. Most Generation Z often operate their phones for a good number of hours in a day, it is an illusion to believe that the hours spent on their phones are wasted.

Most times, they engage in a chat, while watching  the television  and attending an online class. It is so interesting to note that they will flow so well with these activities without feeling tired.

Next time, when you see a Generation Z operating a phone, he is most likely  engaged in two or more acts while on the phone.

A millennial engaging in such doesn’t  underestimate  the fact that this act is predominant among Generation Z.

INDEPENDENT VS COLLABORATIVE: Generation Z are most likely  to follow the slogan, “If you want it done right, do it yourself”. They are more competitive, preferring a personal workspace to a shared work space. This is evident in most startups by Generation Z, they tend to get the work done by themselves without much input from another.

Millennials are more likely to opt for collaboration, where they can work with others.

In as much as these two opinions  have advantages and disadvantages. It is important  to know when you need to stoop and associate with like minds in order to climb success ladder.

DIGITAL PIONEERS: Millennials saw how social media revolutionized the way we communicate,  Generation Z were born into it.

CONVENIENCE OVER BRAND:Generation Z see shopping as a social experiment and consult friends before making a purchase.

Accenture research tells us that generation Z love tech driven fast shopping, like one hour delivery, instore kiosk and activated shopping.

Brands are less important as they may quickly switch retailers to another, better at providing these services.

They can be unforgiving  and leave hateful  reviews.

This is less likely to be a Millennial, who empathize with the retailer.

TOLERANCE: Millennials are more tolerant, they have experienced  situations in life where things had the potential of going wrong. They are more tough  skinned.

Generation Z easily look else where, when the job is not done as it ought to be. They are less likely  to be tolerant, compared to the millennials.

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