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Greatness with God

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Tuesday, July 12th, 2022
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Princess Arira

No man can become great by himself, every man depends on God and something to rise. There is a system that makes men great, and that system doesn’t make men rise themselves. You have to pay allegiance to something, no man rise by hard work because you can labor and nothing to show for it.

Labor is expedient but it is God that maketh rich. If spiritual things were by the energy of men., It will be exclusively reserved for the highly intellectual, strong organisers and the bold acclaimers ( that is, the goal getters). But it is not so, because God in His own magnanimity bless those He wants to bless and makes great who He ever He wants to.
Deep biblical knowledge is necessary but it’s not sufficient to make a man great. Finance is good but does not finalize every needs of man, in retrospect, financial power is not the final say. In the dealings of God, money is not the first thing but salvation is, because God wants all men to be saved. 

There are things God alone must grant a man, if He wants to be great with Him. Great and notable men of old who makes landmark for God in different areas all converge at the throne of grace to what God alone can do. Every man who wants to be great must be approved by God.
The factors that determines success is approved from above. There is more to climbing up the ladder than human endeavor. Every man who wants to be great with God must experience the following.,

✓ The door of ministry✓ Door of Utterance✓ Door of faith.
Prayers cannot substitute for the door that is opening for you, because behind every open doors are also many adversaries. Only God’s unending mercy can make one great in life.
Bible references.,Heb 5:4, Jhn 3:27, 1Tim 2:4,  1Cor 16:9, Col 4:3-4, Acts 14:27.

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