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Thursday, May 26th, 2022
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“We had a fight though we live by the same blood. The old man wouldn’t just get it right each time I try to make a point, this fight is becoming a daily bread and I fed up. Enough!”

This was the fifth time Eniola would make a scene on the phone with me. Anyone eavesdropping would think that I was the cause of her problems. Well, just to clear the air I am a female, I am not the man in her lamentation.

Eniola and her Dad have been on each other’s neck the very day she confronted him on the way he speaks to her in public.

“Are you a bustard? Don’t I have freedom to address my daughter in public, oloshi

Her Dad, responded.

He has decided to punish her for her act. Eniola who pays each sessions fee prior to school’s resumption now owes this semester’s fee. With exams fast approaching I have no idea on how she intends to get her fee paid. There has been silence in communication between the duo since Eniola resumed school eight weeks ago.

Eniola is really suffering right now, my ajebota friend has visited the school-clinic four times this semester and has been hospitalized twice. She communicates with her mum, her mother pleaded with her to mend issues with her Dad but Eniola is set to prove she can live her life without “the man”, as she refers to him most times.

Dear reader please advise me on how I can come into the picture to resolve this issue or better still what should Eniola, her Dad or her mum do. I am really fed up; I came to school to study not to become another’s guidance?”

I had to take the story online. Atleast if you hear that Hannah broke someone’s head in school you will understand that I wasn’t at fault, Eniola was. Being perplexed and not getting any reasonable solution to the case at hand, I called my mum yesterday to inform her on the happenings in school. My mum spoke to Eniola, atleast my mum could relate with the situation since she had a similar experience as a child. The conclusion is this:

Neither Eniola nor her Dad is right or wrong. Each party involved seem not to understand the other. The Eniola I know will not disrespect the most stupid of persons, how much more her Dad? Should she have kept her annoyance to herself without telling her Dad how she feels? My mum’s answer was “No” She was right telling her Dad. Well, maybe she disrespectfully expressed herself to him, you know how some persons may react to issues when they are all tensed and angry.

Was her Dad wrong to have seen her action as being disrespectful? Well, my mum’s answer was “Yes” and “No” . “No” because according to his background it was wrong for a “young” one to challenge the “older”, I heard that it depicts “disrespect”. Well, I don’t concur to a belief that  implies that a younger person have to digest hook, line and sinker offences by an older person. Her Dad got it all wrong, he should have scolded her for approaching him disrespectfully then have a reasonable conversation with her.

Well, her mum really tried persuading her to apologize to her Dad which she refused to do. My mum commended her mum for such action, at least it was made in a bid to cease the fire and let peace reign, this doesn’t underestimate the fact that my mum understood Eniola’s perspective as Eniola claims that her Dad is only being dictatorial and rarely gives room for suggestions. Eniola was ready to teach him a lesson but right now, she has been to the school’s clinic several times, emaciated with her health and academic performance deteriorating. This is no good sign.

My mum advised that she apologize to her Dad. That she tells him she that she is sorry for her misconduct and let peace reign. That she avoid scenarios that will lead to unnecessary misunderstandings. At the appropriate time she will explain to him better. Here I am watching as Eniola dials her Dad’s line to call him on phone, I need to leave this room and let the duo speak. Was my mum right in her judgement?

BY Jesutofunmi Janet Adeyemo

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