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6 fashion mistakes to avoid if you are plus size

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Tuesday, May 17th, 2022
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By Paloma González

There are some style mistakes that no man should make, but the list of rules depends on your body type. There are different ones for tall men and short ones, as well as for very thin men and others for those carrying some extra weight. For men who fall in the ‘big and tall’ category, the marketing term for larger sizes, following some style suggestions will lead to a more stylish look. 

In order to dress well, you don’t have to be a certain size or height, rather you need to know what works with your body type and shape and what looks best on you individually. The idea is that you learn to work with what you have, taking advantage of your body’s proportions and characteristics. While it isn’t easy at first, you can achieve sartorial dominance if you know the rules of the game.

When you are a larger shopper it can be harder to find the clothes that you like and that fit you well. The jeans that are the right size at your waist may be too long, shirts are too snug or loose in different areas—when you find one that fits correctly across your chest, it may be too short when it comes to its length. If you don’t pay attention to those details, your whole look may be ruined. 

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with being ‘big and tall’. It’s simply necessary to learn to search for the garments and details that work for you. 

6 style mistakes that plus size men should avoid

1. The wrong length

It is very common that, as the size of clothes increases, the length does too, which leads to many trousers and shirts being too long, and the clothes look big. On the other hand, you may also come across other items that only increase in width, but not in length, making everything look smaller.

It is important to know all your dimensions—waist, inseam length, shirt sizes—and pay attention to the garments you own, and their sizes, that fit you well. Shirts can come in a variety of different cuts, and you’ll want to try classic, slim, modern, and other fits to find the one that works best for your body. 

2. Hiding underneath clothing

A common mistake is believing that you should cover up your body if you aren’t slim or athletic, using clothes to hide the areas that make you feel insecure—but that’s not the case. Wearing too many layers of clothing adds bulk which will only make you look wider than you are.

Of course, you can use layering to create more interesting looks, but keep it in check. 

3. Wearing clothes that are too big 

No, you don’t need to wear voluminous, baggy, or oversized clothes if you are not slim, that will only ruin your proportions and the silhouette you create with your outfits.

It doesn’t mean that you have to wear super tight clothes all the time, you just have to find the right cut that feels comfortable and allows you to move, without going to the extreme of wearing a potato sack.

4. Not going to a tailor

Everyone—everyone!—needs to go to a tailor but it’s especially important if you run into problems like trousers that are too tight in the waist and not long enough, or shirts with sleeves that are longer than your arms.

The right tailor will help assure that your clothes match your measurements, fit you better, and they will even make them look more expensive and stylish with some careful adjustments.4. Horizontal stripes

It’s all about creating a good visual effect. If you want to create a slim and tall look, then you should pick prints and patterns that lead the eye vertically. Avoid horizontal stripes, which have the effect of making everything look wider and bigger.5. Unbalanced outfits

Balance is important in assuring that you look well proportioned. It’s about having the eye drawn in equal measures to both your upper and lower halves, so that you are not top- or bottom-heavy, making you look like a cartoon character. 


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