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Wednesday, May 11th, 2022
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Can your child, your marriage

Make a life heritage?

Can your child pray, a Father like you

Her husband be, according to your rules?

Can your child wake each day,

Praying to follow your way?

Can your child pray a mother like you

His wife be, following your rules?

Do your child honour you

Or the respect you get is to fulfill all righteousness in youth?

Have you soiled that child’s conscience

Now praying that in him be built godly sense?

Can you beat your chest

Saying, “My marriage is a perfect rest”?

A “Perfect Rest” not for what is viewed by others

But for what is viewed by the child at home.

From the foregoing, it is patent that the perception of an ideal marriage is formed at cradle, from the moment a child opens his eye to the world. Dera parents, create the long lasting memory with your spouse that will give your kids reasons to marry. Marriage is beautiful if you make them see it.


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