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2023: We must tread path of equity by zoning next presidency to South – Southern Govs declare

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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022
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— Equity dictates we take a stand, time to stop keeping members guessing

Dayo Johnson Akure

The Southern governors have insisted that the leadership of the All Progressives Congress must tread the path of equity by zoning the presidency to the Southern part of the country.

Chairman of the Southern Governor’s Forum and Ondo state governor, Rotimi Akeredolu in a statement personally signed by him in Akure insisted that ” It is the turn of the Southern part of the country to produce the next President.

The statement was entitled ” OUR PARTY, APC, MUST TREAD THE PATH OF EQUITY.

Akeredolu also said the Leadership of the party should have no difficulty in making pronouncements on the power shifts to the southern part of the country.

According to him “The party leadership should have no difficulty in making a pronouncement on this very important issue, just as it has fixed various fees for the purchase of forms.

” This must be done without delay. The principle of Federal Character is enshrined in the 1999 Constitution, as amended. It will be disingenuous for anyone to argue against rotation at this period.

“We must not keep our party men and women guessing on the position of the leadership of the party. This is the time to weigh in and take control of the process.

“No statement must suggest, even remotely, that the party harbours certain sentiments which may predispose it to consider throwing the contest open. This is certainly not the time for equivocation. EQUITY DICTATES THAT WE TAKE A STAND.

The statement further reads “Our party, the All Progressives Congress, has started the process which will eventually culminate in the presentation of elected political leaders, who must steer the affairs of the country for another term. We have been able to hold the party’s Convention successfully.

“New officers of the party have emerged in a process that is widely acknowledged as rancour-free.

“The level of understanding and maturity displayed by all and sundry has been commendable. Known adversaries have been forced to accept the emerging fact that our party is formidable and ready for the next general elections.

The current socio-economic crises are surmountable. It is commendable that the Government is addressing these issues without drama. The Federal Government and leadership of our great party will come out stronger. We cannot, therefore, afford any internal bickering which holds the potential promise of causing distrust and militating against cohesion, harmony and the zeal to achieve set objectives.

“The current democratic dispensation is anchored on the unwritten convention driven by a principle of Equity.

” Political expediency dictates, more appealingly, that while adhering to the spirit and letters of the laws guiding the conduct of elections and succession to political offices, we must do nothing which is capable of tilting the delicate balance against the established arrangement which guarantees peace and promotes trust.

“Our party just elected officers on the established principle of giving every part of the country an important stake in the political calculus.

“The focus has now shifted to the process which will culminate in the participation of our party in the general elections scheduled for next year.

” All lovers of peace and freedom must do everything to eschew tendencies which may predispose them to make decisions which promote distrust and lead to a crisis, the end of which nobody may be able to predict.

“The leadership of the party ensured that the principle of rotational representation guided its decision at the just-concluded Convention.

“The party Chairmanship position has gone to the North. All other offices have been filled on this understanding. This is the time the leaders of the party must make a categorical statement, devoid of equivocation, on the pattern of succession.

“The party Executive Committee has fixed a fee for the purchase of the nomination form for the office.

” It is expected, fervently, that it will proceed to complete the process by limiting the propensities for disagreement to a region for possible micro-management. It is very expedient that we avoid self-inflicted crises before the general elections.

The governors declared that “It is the turn of the Southern part of the country to produce the next President. The party leadership should have no difficulty in making pronouncements on this very important issue, just as it has fixed various fees for the purchase of forms.

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