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Tuesday, April 19th, 2022
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By Jesutofunmi Janet Adeyemo

Her voice would send chills down the spin of the strongest of men, she was Amanda. Daughter of the King, who swore that his daughter would be the prize to be won by the bravest of men. This was the beginning of the strange.

Ken was a foreigner who had just arrived the town on a fact finding research. He never heard of the contest for the bravest neither did it occur to him that there was a prize to be won. His research resulted in the advent of the cure for the epidemic. At last! a cure was found, the town would live again. Arranged marriage wasn’t a thing Ken would concur to on a normal note but seeing the beautiful damsel step forward to be handed to her husband was an attraction to behold aside the incentive promised by the King for Ken’s unmatched success.

To believe that Amanda was in hell on the earth was almost impossible not until she was  found in her own blood inside the toilet with swollen legs with half her body dead, she couldn’t feel the lower part of her body. She tired to voice for help but sound wasn’t coming. It has been three days, soaked in her blood. Ken was out making another research.

This is the story of Queens who are thought to be bought with the bride price to pay the price for the price on their head. “We are not selling our daughter o!” Her Father told the supposed gentle man that came in humble search for his queen. The vows are broken by the smash of bottles and fight to live, to be beaten another day. Queens whose names were once called in fear and trembling by the bravest of men have become the gossip on the street.

Their names dragged to the mud. “What stops her swimming in her blood, why did she just lay swollen in pain”? 
Fighting their cause in silence has brought no good, these ones have taken to the streets in protest. “No man is brave that punches his wife, he is only brave before his weakling wife”.

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