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What is faith?

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Friday, April 8th, 2022
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By Princess Arira

The truth is faith is still like a mystery to so many Christians. They don’t really know what it is nor can they adequately explain what Faith is. Many think faith is believing in God but that’s not what Faith is. Faith is more than just believing in God. For even devils believe that God exist, devils believe that God is more powerful than them. So faith is not actually believing in God. Some say that Faith is trusting God and having confidence in God (that’s some of the attributes of faith) but that’s not what Faith is. That still doesn’t define faith. Hebrews eleven verse one is where Faith is being talked about more in the Bible but many don’t really understand it still. It will take the Spirit of revelation to open your eyes for you to understand what Faith is. 

Faith is the spiritual consciousness of the truth or reality. Faith is the spiritual consciousness of the desire or desires of the heart. Faith is the substance of what you hope for. A substance is something tangible, something real to you, something that you are sure that it exists and that you can get hold of; here are physical substances and there are spiritual substances. Just like your phone is real to you and you can touch and feel it and use it same way spiritual substances can be felt and touched by your spirit and you can spiritually use it and you are spiritually aware of it. It is beyond mental logic or understanding. It is a spiritual awareness or consciousness.
 So faith is the spiritual consciousness of the things you hope or desire to possess in manifestations or physical possession. For every physical manifestations, there is a spiritual possession. The spirit realm controls the physical realm. You can’t have something in the physical except you have gotten it in the spirit realm. So faith is the weapon or tool for possessing or for having the physical manifestations of what rightfully belongs to you in Christ.Faith is not a passive thing; It’s something that you have to exercise or put to action. That’s why the Apostle Paul told his spiritual son to fight the good fight of faith. Faith is a weapon for victory in the physical realm.

 Faith is the spiritual reality or consciousness of what you desire or hope for. The spirit of Faith believes, and all things are possible to them that belives. It is also the spiritual evidence of things that haven’t manifested yet in the physical realm. This is the weapon that Abraham used, and that’s why he is called the Father of faith. It’s the same that Joshua used to command the sun to stand still, once you can possess something in your heart, it will surely manifest in the physical realm. The proof that it will manifest is your spiritual consciousness of it. This is a spiritual awareness where you just know with the whole of your being that you have something. This is the key to experiencing the realities that are in Christ. 

You attain faith by coming into the spiritual consciousness of a truth or reality and this is true meditations. This is the ancient key that God gave our fathers of faith. He told them to have a constant meditation on God’s word. So they can attain the spiritual consciousness or conviction of it in their hearts. Constant meditations on the truth births faith. It births the spiritual consciousness of that truth after attaining a spiritual consciousness of the truth then when you act on it by speaking out the reality or doing something according to the instruction of the SPIRIT then you see a manifestation which you call a miracle or the supernatural.

Many people try to confess the word of God without having the spiritual conviction or consciousness of the truth in their hearts, and that’s why their confessions don’t produce results. So they confess and confess till they get frustrated. First you need to sit down with the truth and meditate on it thoroughly until your heart captures the truth. When you attain the spiritual consciousness, you will know it. It usually comes with an unusual joy from your spirit and supernatural boldness and divine energy with convictions and peace beyond understanding. Faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of God.

NOTE: Your emotions are very important weapons when seeking God. Don’t let anyone deceive you that emotions are carnal and useless. Emotions create a very attractive spiritual vibrations or energy in the Spirit realm.For example When someone is angry, if that anger is not controlled, it will result to bitterness and even destructions because that emotion of anger will attract demons of anger that will assist him to express that anger in destroying things which results to violence, emotions are very powerful. Same is other aspects of the soul, like imaginations, will and intellect. So you are to use every aspect of your soul in seeking God and to express God in your world so you experience what you passionately meditate on but I advise people to passionately meditate on Christ.

Bible references.,Heb 11:1, 1Jhn5:4, Jos 1:8, Mark 9:23. Rom 19:17, Mat 17:20.

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