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Activist, Zainab Mohammed calls for caution in choice of women leader

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Thursday, March 24th, 2022
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Activist, Amb Zainab Mohammed has urged the All Progressives Congress, APC, party to avoid imposing a candidate who is especially a new convert, as National Women Leader but should, instead, reward those who have been loyal to the party.

She made the statement while reacting to what she described as a move by some power brokers in the party whom she said want to enforce anunpopular candidate as the consensus APC National Women Leader. 

She said the move is against the tenets of the part and could result in bringing down the party. 

Amb. Mohammed said there are many party members who have been loyal to the party and merit the position. She therefore warned those trying to foist what she described as a wrong precedence on the party to desist from doing so.

She also called on president Buhari and all the well-meaning stakeholders of the party to intervene and ensure that the party does not thread the destructive lane.

She said thus: “My attention has been drawn sadly, to a clandestine internal coup to enforce a new convert as the consensus candidate for  the position of APC  National Women Leader at the forth  -coming National Convention of the party.

It is said that “ in a town with elders, a baby’s neck does not twist when she is on her mothers back .

Picking a very young woman, non party veteran,  who just defected into the party from a rival party  is  a great dis- service to the entire women loyalists and stakeholders of APC who have, over the years, toiled in the trenches to ensure the success of the party at all local ,state and National elections which has subsequently achieved grassroot loyalty to the party.

The National APC Women Leader, must of necessity, be a party faithful, a primary consideration for any occupant of the office.

She must be a woman,  who has stuck with the party through thick and thin in the sun and in the rain.

A woman who is a mother to mothers and grandmothers.

A woman of impeccable character and proven loyalty to the party among many other  profile consideration. 

The stakes have never been this high and any consensus for such candidate is a complete departure from the tenets that this party was built upon.

This precedence will be too detrimental and colossal to our great party in the coming electoral events in our beloved country Nigeria. 

Lives are at stake here for goodness sake!

You can welcome a new convert to sit on the pew, but you cannot give that new convert the pulpit. 

I call on our President, who we have supported and still believe in;

I call on the party caretaker committee and all stakeholders of the party to banish this nightmare and abort this evil precedence while we still can.

God bless President Muhammadu Buhari!!

God bless All Progressives Congress !!

God bless APC women everywhere !!”

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