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Calls For Support as Drought Ravages Horn of Africa

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Wednesday, March 16th, 2022
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The Somali government is asking the international community for humanitarian aid for the 6.9 million people affected by the severe drought currently ravaging several parts of the country.

Prime Minister Mohamed Roble in a statement issued in capital city Mogadishu, on March 14, 2022, urging donors to hasten aid as conditions are deteriorating.

The UN has warned  that it faces a crippling lack of funds to tackle Somalia’s devastating drought, which has been “overshadowed” by other humanitarian crises including the war in Ukraine. It said that so far, the UN has only secured 3% of the U.S.$1.46 billion (1.23 billion euros) required to meet the needs of Somalians.

The Kenyan government on its part has assured 23 counties that have been hard hit by drought of continued relief support, including cash transfers and physical food distribution.

Tanzania’s Vice President Philip Mpango on March 16, 2022 appealed to Maasai traditional elders to use their influence in safeguarding and protecting water sources in Simanjiro District in the Manyara Region.

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