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Ethiopia Rejects UNHCR Resolution

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Monday, December 20th, 2021
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The Ethiopian government said it will not acknowledge the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) resolution for the establishment of an independent investigation team for the alleged human rights violation in the northern conflict.

In her press briefing yesterday, the Government Communication Service State Minister Selamawit Kassa stated that the resolution which was illegally adopted before the session will be of no effect. The government strongly believes that all countries adopting the ill-conceived resolution are craving for Ethiopia’s destabilization.

“Turing a blind eye and a deaf ear for TPLF’s belligerence in expanding the conflict to Amhara and Afar states and its crimes against humanity, those countries falsely accused the people and government of Ethiopia for human rights violation.”

The state minister further noted the UNunconditionally rebuffed the government’s repeated invitation to work together with the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to conduct a study in the alleged human rights violations in the northern conflict. “The council chose the wrong way and charged the Ethiopian government with a false accusation in a manner that would affect future collaboration with the UN and its affiliated agencies.”

“This session revealed which countries are working for Ethiopia’s dismemberment and who are siding with us in this difficult time. The government wants to extend its gratitude to those countries who side with the truth and demonstrated their historical support for Ethiopia’s cause.”

Some countries and interest groups are still sticking with their longstanding tactic of employing international organizations to meddle in the domestic matters of Ethiopia and the government categorically rejects whatsoever decisions the UNHCR made, she remarked.

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