Women Raise Funds for Hospitals

The objective is to improve health recovery by at least 50 per cent.

Women mobilised under the association, “Action Plus Feminine Bikok”, abbreviated Act+Feb, have raised financial and material support to salvage Pouma District Hospital and seven health centres in the Pouma Subdivision.

A fundraiser by the association was held in Douala’s administrative quarter Bonanjo on Sunday, December 5, 2021, during which a cross-section of goodwill individuals and elite of Pouma generously contributed cash and in-kind to support the burden for improved health care in the heart of the women.

“We are mobilised to ensure that our main health structure, the Pouma District Hospital, and the seven health centres in the subdivision receive our minimal support that should help them in the provision of improved health services to the local population,” the President General of Act+Feb, Essombe Bikok Marie, told CT although she was silent about the total amount that was raised.

Delighted by the gesture of the women, the Director of Pouma District Hospital, Atangana Zibi, said “It will contribute to strengthening the action of the State to cater for the health of the population by at least fifty per cent, enhance on-going rehabilitation of the hospital structure, re-equip the operation unit and help in the functioning of the hospital vehicle.” He advised the population to go early for health services then wait until their situation should worsen.

The Pouma District Hospital, for example, is currently challenged by a lack of an ambulance despite its vital role and position along the busy Yaounde-Douala highway, whereby it caters for emergencies such as accident victims on daily basis. There is also need for an electric power generator, operation and maternity tables, security service and improved health care generally. The hospital caters for a population of about 6000-7000 inhabitants and especially victims of road accidents.

Created five years ago, Act+Feb is an association made up of 50 members, all women. It has rehabilitated four schools, helped in establishing birth certificates to children and adults and has carried out the sensitisation of the local population against HIV/AIDS.

Source: Cameroon Tribune

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