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Girl Power

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Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021
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Mixed race girl sleeping on sofa

It is beyond amazing how far and wide a girl’s/woman’s strength can be felt. One action causes multiple ripple effects. It’s in the courage to push through every stereotype, the strength to break limits and cover ground and the ability to be different things to different people at different times. A mother, a wife, a coach, a doctor, a journalist, a supporter, a builder…Time after time, women have continued to fulfil their dreams against all odds. This resilient spirit continues to drive women all over the world through today’s world. Across various fields and areas, defying the odds and rewritings the rules one woman at a time, women have continued to show versatility wherever they are.

Some people call it girl power!

I agree!

While there are many days when being a girl/woman feels rough and unbearable, on many days, we take pride and strength in being female. We stare at our strength in the eye and feel proud to be female.

Different girls/women list what they love about being female.

1)Osare- It is the fact that despite the different negative stereotypes about being female, I am able to still break ground and make a name for myself.

2) Oyindamola- The presence of a good woman in a man’s life makes life more beautiful for him.

3)Ayanfe- The special sensitivity that comes with being the bearer of a new life.

4) Oluwatobi- My personality as a woman.

5) Esther- I love everything that defines being a woman.

6) Oladayo-The entirety of who I am, my resilience, my ability to multitask, my calmness in the midst of storms and the way I break down when I cannot handle things anymore.

7) Deborah- The special thing I love about being a woman is that I am resilient no matter what life throws at me. I rise above it and I thrive. The stereotyped notion about women continues to be proven wrong.

8) Olayemi- Being a woman, I love the fact that women are beautifully different. I love the fashion, hairstyles, and adornments that remind us that we can do or be anything.

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