Amhara State Council Declares Emergency Including Region-Wide Curfew, Suspension of Activities By State Institutions

The Amhara National Regional State Council, in its 6th round, the first year, 4th emergency meeting held today has declared a nine-point emergency decree which includes the suspension of regular activities by all government institutions in the state and state-wide curfew.

The following is the translation of the nine points emergency decree by the Amhara State Council

Because it is impossible to overcome this threat to our very existence with the normal law enforcement system alone; the Amhara National Regional State Council passed the following emergency resolutions:

1 – While maintaining the need for providing regular services based on assessment, the Council has decided that any government institution should discontinue its regular services, including budget and focus on the issues that are jeopardizing our survival campaign.

2 – All government vehicles should be brought to a single assembly centre for use in the survival campaign.

3 – Owners of all private vehicles to fulfil their responsibilities by providing their vehicles whenever necessary for the success of the campaign.

4- The leadership at various levels should organize and lead the people to the front line; legal and administrative actions will be taken against those who do not comply with this.

5 – All government and private weapons will be used for the survival campaign. Notwithstanding this, if any armed resident of the region refuses to participate in the survival campaign for any reason, he or she shall entrust their weapons to the government or transfer them to the able-bodied and healthy members of the family or other persons in the community for the use in the campaign.

6 – The leadership at all levels should do whatever is necessary to facilitate the supply and provision of logistics and services needed for the survival campaign and make the campaign effective.

7 – Any resident of the region who is not involved in the survival campaign should be organized in every area to ensure the security of the area, monitor for strangers and infiltrators and hand them over to the law enforcement agencies and do their part for the survival campaign.

8 – Security forces will take the necessary measures at any stage of the operation against anyone or any group who obstructs the survival campaign activities to ensure the success of the campaign.

9 – Except for institutions to provide various services, it is prohibited to operate in all cities after 8:00 PM local time.

The details of the implementations of these nine binding decisions shall be determined by the implementation guideline by the regional state’s campaign department. AS

Source: Abbis Standard

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