There Is Something Special About You

By Princess Arira

It is the Lord’s manifested presence, His glorious power working in your heart and through your hands that will cause everything you touch to prosper with the Jesus-kind of results. In fact, even your harshest critic will have to conclude that the Lord is with you and is prospering the work of your hands! You are a chosen generation, stop looking at your outward circumstances or the position you are in. Whether your employer is a believer or not, Jesus can make ALL that you do prosper when you depend on His unmerited favour in your career.

And believe me, when that begins to happen, your employer will sit up and notice that there is something special about you, you will stand out in a crowd. Remember that the same Lord who was with Joseph is with you today. His name is Jesus and because Jesus is with you, you can expect good success in everything that you do, because God gives only good gifts.
For example, when you are placed over a sales project, believe that your sales team will hit record levels of sales never achieved before in your organization. When you are overseeing the finances of a company, believe that you will find legal ways to help your company save on operating expenses and increase its cash flow like never before. When you are placed in a business development role, believe that Jesus will cause doors that have always been closed to your company to be opened to you because of His unmerited favour upon your life.

The job you do does not guarantee wealth, but God’s grace will make you get things effortlessly. No matter how little your job is, you can still become very wealthy because it is not by works but by grace and Favour. Perhaps you are a parent., You can also expect Jesus’ presence in your life to give you favour with your children. Instead of constantly resisting and arguing with you, they will find you and your words irresistible. God can increase your influence over them.

That’s the unmerited favour of God in action. In the natural, you may be unqualified and inexperienced, but remember that all your disqualifications exist in the realm of the natural. The Lord Jesus is with you 100 per cent. You are a successful person in the Lord’s eyes and as you depend on Him, He will cause everything that your hands touch to prosper.

Bible references.,1Pet 2:9, Joshua 1:8, James 1:17.

Source: Above Whispers

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