Men Are Embarrassing Us, A Call for Harsh Penalties for Rapists

By Festus Hamalwa

Namibia’s police chief has called for severe punishments for adults who rape children as a deterrent for a crime that has become all too prevalent.

Lieutenant general Sebastian Ndeitunga says the judiciary should punish men, who rape young girls, “with many years in prison”. He said his office has noted that regions in the north have recorded high numbers of young girls becoming victims of rape by older men.

During an interview with New Era on Monday, Ndeitunga said men are embarrassing Namibia when they sleep with children. He emphasised that his office has noted that a lot of men often sleep with young girls under the age of 12.

The Namibian Police say the country has recorded 690 rape cases from January to August 2021. According to the gender equality and child welfare ministry, about 1 566 children were sexually violated, while 883 were physically abused between 2019 and 2021. The police chief stressed that the Ohangwena region is one of the regions with a high number of young girls who have been raped.

Last week in the Ohangwena region, a six-year-old girl was allegedly raped in the bush by her 50-year-old grandfather.

“I am very worried that men have sex with young girls, especially fathers, uncles and grandfathers. Men are embarrassing us. Therefore, we should stop raping girls and women”, he reiterated.

Ndeitunga is, therefore “humbly requesting the judiciary” to start meting out punishment of many years in prison to everyone who is going to be convicted of raping girls and women.

He said nowadays, young girls are living in fear as they are scared of becoming rape victims through either being raped by their fathers, grandfathers or any other man.

“I will send a group of police officers to the Ohangwena region so that they start a campaign of educating and alerting men and boys about the dangers of raping women, and also to spread information which may discourage men to rape”, he added.

“What benefit will you gain from raping your own child or your granddaughter?” Ndeitunga asked.

He said men are giving a bad example to young boys and therefore, sleeping with young girls should come to an end immediately.

“People should unite to ensure that they are reporting everyone who is taking part in raping women”, he urged.

Source: New Era

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