By Princess Arira

Meditation is the technique for getting the consciousness or the reality of truth into our hearts. What is the heart? The heart is that aspect of your soul that determines the form and outlook of your personality, character, attitude and behaviour and even the dominant thoughts and words that come from your soul. The heart is also called the mind. But when we talk about the mind, we have the superficial aspect of the mind and the deeper aspect. For the superficial aspect of the conscious mind, this is where you have your thoughts and short term memories. Then we have the deeper aspect which is called the subconscious mind.

It is this aspect that is called the heart. It is this aspect that determines your behaviour and your consciousness about everything. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. You will remember that many times you talk even without processing the thoughts in your mind. The words just spontaneously streamed out of your mouth. Where did the words come from? It is from the consciousness of your subconscious mind called the heart. As a man thinks in his heart so is he. You can not manifest beyond the state of your heart. The state of your determines or reflects the true person in your soul. To upgrade into a better version of yourself, your heart must be upgraded in consciousness and transformation .

Meditations help us to be transformed in our hearts unto the consciousness of God. Meditation involves interactions in the conscious mind with the thoughts of God and the truth of His person and His words to drive their consciousness deep down into your heart so that the truth of God becomes you and you become the truth of God. And this means that the throne of the consciousness of that truth has been strongly erected in your heart with all fortifications of divine energy. The scripture says to guard your heart with all diligence. You can not guard your heart without the divine life energy that flows from your spirit. How does a city guard itself against illegal invasion? Is it not with the strength of all military and defensive forces of the city? Of course, it is. So for a son of God, the divine life in your spirit is your greatest defense.

The force and shield of light that comes with the Divine life energy engulfs your soul and prevents it from the illegal invasion of satanic evil thought projections from his demons. In the realm of the Spirit, if God opens your eyes, you will see that a son of God who constantly meditates on Christ have a strong ring of light that covers up his soul. Sometimes you will see something like a bright halo of light around the head of the person. Every negative projection towards that person will bounce back, it will not penetrate his mind. Such a person’s mind is sanctified. Constant meditations can take you to this state and experience. There are different ways to meditate and meditation has processes through which you deepen and heighten the conviction of God’s truth in your heart. That conviction is also called faith and it is also called consciousness. They are all the same thing but different words. Meditation starts with the thoughts in your mind, as you constantly use your imagination to dwell on a particular thought of God’s truth, you begin to get more clarity on that truth. With the help of the Holy Spirit, you will begin to get understanding. That knowledge of that truth is what we call Sophia in Greek. It is one of the three kinds of wisdom.

The Sophia means knowledge of spiritual principles, laws and facts. That’s the wisdom that was being referred to when the scripture says, Wisdom is the principal thing. Sophia is the principal thing. There is no way you can build yourself into the mastery of any truth without knowing its laws, facts and principles. Then it says to get wisdom or Sophia and in all thy getting, get understanding. As you meditate on Sophia which means the laws and principles of the Spirit or of God, you will begin to get understanding. This understanding is what they call the second kind of wisdom which is sunensis in Greek. It is an understanding of how the principles and laws of God’s kingdom work and how to apply them to make them work.
It is as you get understanding that you will begin to have conviction in your heart about that truth.

It is at this point that you even become emotional about that truth. You will begin to have emotions like joy, passion and hunger towards that truth. At this point, the truth of God will begin to vibrate in your soul, it is from here that you can actually manifest the truth. After the senses of the truth as you meditate and interact further with the truth, you will get to a place called the active consciousness or conviction of the truth. This is a place where the truth has entered all the depths of your heart. The truth has taken over your subconscious mind such that the truth is now controlling you. You no longer have to think about this truth anymore before you act on it, it has now become you. It has become your subconscious mind, it now suggests and controls your thoughts, words and action. The river of the truth has now reached your shoulder level as described in the book of Ezekiel and it controls you. At this point, you will just find yourself doing the right thing at the right time subconsciously. You will find yourself thinking the right thoughts, saying the right words and doing the right things. The righteousness of God has now become your consciousness and ruling over life.

Romans 6:14 is now your manifest reality. Sin shall not have dominion over you for you are not under the law but under grace. And as such you will have diverse possibilities of the supernatural opening up unto you and manifesting through you. Whatever you think in your heart is what will direct and control your life. This is why the scripture is really serious about the heart. When Jesus walked the earth, He taught too often about the heart because it is too important when it comes to the general well being of man.

Bible references.,Mat 12:34, pro 23:7, mat 5:8, pro 4:7,23, Rom 6:14.

Source: Above Whispers

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