How To Find The Best Women’s Tailor

By Vivian Udeh

First impressions are very important as it will shape how people will view you on the long run. Most people you meet will note how well you dress as there is a common saying “you can tell alot about a person from the way they dress”. Nothing less than perfectly fitted dresses would do to make a strong first impression.

Even when buying from high-end designers, few dresses ever fit perfectly directly off the store because women’s bodies are different.

The problem is that not every women’s tailor understands what they’re doing. If you want custom-made dresses or only some modifications to your current ones, you should only work with a reliable tailor. Here are some tips from experience and other resources, to help you find a reliable tailor

● Ask other ladies

Do you know any women who are perfectly fitted and dressed? These stylish ladies are likely to have a fabulous tailor on their side.

●Ask to see a piece of their work 

Make inquiries about a piece of their work. This is particularly necessary if you have a lot of difficult alterations or costly garments. Make sure the stitches are neat, the garment is symmetrical, and it doesn’t seem to have been changed. If a tailor gives you a hacked, weird shaped piece of work, get out of there as soon as possible and look for a more reputable tailor.

●Give them a test

Even if a tailor comes highly recommended, you can run a small test on them before entrusting your expensive garment to them. Bring an inexpensive or simple piece to modify before bringing out the more costly or complicated ones: Taking in the waist of an old pair of jeans or dress is a good example. If all goes well, you can then entrust them with your more valuable products as you will get a feel for the tailor’s work before something valuable is altered.

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