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Women for Women?

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Tuesday, August 10th, 2021
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If you have ever been in a gathering or having a discussion and the statement “women do not like women” came up and as a woman, you were too ashamed or confused to defend the statement, then this is for you. If you have not, then this is important knowledge.

Every year, there are more days to celebrate women than one can keep count of but many may argue that women do not always support women as portrayed by this holiday.

Is this true?

Walk with me.

A woman always wants to feel represented. If she is not there, she wants her sisters(fellow women) to be able to get there. It is great joy for her and gives satisfaction to her when fellow women break grounds and defile stereotypes. This is what should be!

So, if at all you fall under the category of women who do not feel satisfied when other women break grounds, now is the time to adjust.

If you never had the words to explain why women should stand for women, here are the perfect words; “If I can help her get there I will, if she gets there without my help, I will celebrate her success”.

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