Outfits Suitable For Exercise In Hot/Cold Weather

by Vivian Udeh

Do you want to get active on a tight budget? Guess what, the world is your gym. There is no need for a membership if you cannot afford it. Spending time in nature has numerous advantages, including improved brain function, stress reduction, and mental well-being.

The weather can sometimes disrupt your plans to be active outside. People are more likely to avoid exercise in extreme hot or cold temperatures, humidity, rain, and so on. While you can’t change the weather, you can work with it by learning how to dress for conditions that might otherwise prevent you from achieving your outdoor fitness goals. We’ve compiled suitable outfits for outdoor exercising in all weather conditions.


Working out in hot weather is stressful on the body because you lose water quickly while raising your temperature, causing your body’s natural cooling system to malfunction. Choosing the right type of clothing is critical to avoiding heat exhaustion and heatstroke. The best outfit for this weather is light clothing, white colour preferably when exercising in the sun, cotton is best due to its ability to soak up heat easily and also allow evaporation. Sunscreen is not necessarily an outfit but should also be considered to avoid sunburn. Although there are UPF Clothings options to protect your skin.


Rainfall can be dangerous because it affects how the body reacts to temperature changes. Wet skin or clothing conduct heat away from the body, this makes the bodywork extra hard to maintain a functional temperature. Wet pathways can also be dangerous. Exercise on unsafe ground can result in sprained ankles, knee injuries, and torn muscles.

Water-absorbing fabrics and light layers are essential for staying dry. When choosing outfits for this weather, a water-resistant or breathable waterproof outer layer is the best option. Durable shoes with a heavy-duty tread pattern for wet or muddy conditions round out the look.

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