World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021: ‘Menstruation is Not a Dirty Word

Every year World Menstrual Hygiene Day is observed on May 28 with the aim to change the social stigma associated with menstruation. The date May 28 was chosen to observe the day because on average the menstrual cycle for most women is 28 days and the menstruation period for most women is for five days. Hence, the date was kept as 28/5. The theme for this year is: “Action and Investment in Menstrual Hygiene and Health.” In a tweet, the United nation wrote that “Menstrual health is a human right. Yet, menstruation can result in discrimination, stigma & exclusion against women & girls.”

The United Nations entity for gender equality & women’s empowerment also tweeted about it with an important message: “Menstruation is not a dirty word. Let’s talk about it!”

Here are a few quotes about Menstruation that you can share with people around you in order to break the taboo associated with it and to raise awareness about the importance of menstrual hygiene:

  • Menstruation is not a problem, poor menstrual hygiene is. World Menstrual Hygiene Day.
  • I bleed twelve weeks a year, so I know a thing or two about bloodstains. World Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021.
  • Gradually my whole concept of time changed until I thought of a month as having twenty-five days of humanness and five others when I might just as well have been an animal in a steel trap. Menstrual Hygiene Day.
  • I have periods now, like normal girls; I too am among the knowing, I too can sit out volleyball games and go to the nurse’s for aspirin and waddle along the halls with a pad like a flattened rabbit tail wadded between my legs, sopping with liver-coloured blood. World Menstrual Hygiene Day.

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