The Ambitious Woman

By Modupe Akinyemi

Ambition can generally be said to be the desire to achieve a thing. When you hear the word ambition, other words like Go-getter, hardworking, dedicated, passionate, strong, successful, etc., come to mind which shows the attributes of an ambitious person. An ambitious person has a desire in mind however, the rate and drive of pursuit for success show some people to be more ambitious than others.

Women have been found to dread the word ambition since the word is most commonly associated with professional success. Most women are usually not so concerned about climbing the corporate ladder with a few aiming at top roles, and when they do, they are not open about it. This can be majorly attributed to the need to attend to family and motherhood responsibilities. A role the society prioritizes for the woman over career achievements.

The question I am then forced to ask is this: if ambition is a desire to achieve something, are women who are more particular about building their homes less ambitious than those who have big career dreams? While I leave you to answer this question, I will discuss below some of the attributes of an ambitious woman:

  • Goal setter & Go-getter

Being ambitious is about being able to set goals and achieve them. An ambitious woman sets goals with a strong focus; she plans on how to achieve them and is very decisive in ensuring they are all successful. She maps out a plan and is quick to readjust when necessary.

  • Good Management Skill

Women are naturally known to be great managers. An ambitious woman is good at managing her time, money, and resource to ensure that her set goals are achieved. Ambitious women avoid procrastination, therefore, a mother is very particular in ensuring the children are fed and the home is clean, and the ‘career woman’ is precise on attaining office productivity.

  • Hardworking & Dedicated

If there is something that cannot be left out when considering goals, it would be hard work and dedication. Ambitious women are great ‘multi-taskers. They devote their all to what they have to do to ensure their home and/or career reaches the height they want it to be.

  • Passionate about development

Ambitious women understand that they are great determinants of the productivity of their goals, therefore; they spend on ensuring they are up to the task. Education, experience, training, resources are things you find ambitious women spend (and sometimes sacrifice) on to see themselves realize their goals.

  • Strong

Strength is something every ambitious woman has. Continuity takes Resilience and ambitious women are bent on this. Mental, physical and health strength is something ambitious women have in common.

  • Busy

This is the highlight of it all. An ambitious woman is very busy. She has a lot to do. A mother has to feed, do laundry, teach, groom, and keep the home running. A boss has meetings to attend to, workers to cater for and ensure daily success.

That said, on no grounds should society or any of its members condemn or criticize a woman for being career ambitious over family ambitious and vice versa or assume she cannot have both. The success of a woman is not dependent on any other person’s standard rather on her how much she achieves her set goals.

So, as I woman I know my ambitions and decide how I define my success.

Source: Above Whispers

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