Motivating Teenage Girls

By Esther Chineye Mbabie

A girl at the Mother and Child Health Center in Mogadishu, Somalia, sits with other girls during a visit by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflict to the hospital on April 2. The SRSG, Zainab Bangura, visited Somalia this week on a mission to engage with various stakeholders on ways in which conflict related sexual violence can be addressed and prevented. The SRSG visited various IDP camps, hospitals, and women’s shelters while in the country. AU UN IST PHOTO / TOBIN JONES.

As a teenager, I lost interest in doing many things. I enjoyed staying indoors, reading books and every other calm and quiet form of relaxation that didn’t require me to do any work.

While that was okay, I missed out on a lot of necessary things.

My brother on the other hand was a very outdoorsy teenager. He experienced almost everything that came with his teenage age.

Many people can probably relate to how in their teenage years, they felt disconnected and unmotivated at various points.

Teenage girls lose interest in things a bit fast. With all the hormonal changes they experience, staying motivated may become a difficult task. From feeling happy and excited about having a sea of diluted blood struggle to flow out through a narrow pipe every month,  the mood changes will probably be very hard to keep up with.

How can we help motivate teenage girls?

1) Be accepting! It usually makes a person feel comfortable when they know that you are not against them. If they used to be outdoorsy and because of lack of motivation, become indoorsy, don’t scream words like “you have changed, what is wrong with you?”

We first need to accept that they are now teenage girls whose wants and hobbies have completely changed

2) Be involved! Getting teenagers to open up to you is almost impossible but when they feel like you are constantly making efforts to be involved in their lives even with the little things, they may open up to you and in turn, you can better encourage and motivate them.

Source: Above Whispers

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