Women + Money?

By Modupe Akinyemi

I came across a video recently where a little girl of about two years was given a wallet. Immediately, she opened it, took out only the money contained in it, dumped the wallet, and kept the money securely in her dress. The video was very funny to watch but something that caught my attention was the fact that the young girl understood money as a relevant thing and the place of money being kept.

Money is loved by all not just women. However, women as the natural managers, nurturers, builders, and caretakers they are, know the importance and value of money. All these things cannot be put in place without a substantial amount of money. So, where the money is, women are!

Money provides access to certain things that cannot be obtained in its absence. With money, lifestyle ranges. Education, development, and exposure are not freely given things, they are gotten with money. School may be free but books will be bought anyways.

In relationships where the statement ‘women love money is mostly used, money is very important. How your partner handles money tells a great deal about what your future will be like. Is he a lavish spender? Does he have plans for the money? Is he financially stable? Is he very stingy? All these are questions whose answers tell how to secure a future with the partner will be because Money is security.

Every woman wants the assurance that her future is safe. No matter how much she earns her standard of living will only get better when she has a partner who has money. The life you wish and dream of for your family will become reality when money is available. This does not make money the only criteria for a good home but it is an important need.

Money is power and influence. Money makes impact easy. While it is true that impact is not totally about money, money makes the job happen. With money, you have the leisure to be of help to others. Money cannot bring healing, but it can provide access to a good health system. Money may not bring peace, but you worry less about menial things. Money may not buy happiness, but it sure takes you to happy places.

The value of money is relative to different women and this is based on the needs and desires as peculiar to each one. Therefore, women loving money does not necessarily mean they are lazy or unwilling to make money. It is a desire for a more stable and better standard of living.

That said, I do not close a blind eye to the existence and abundance of materialistic women. Women who are driven by money and would do anything including cunning and immoral means to get it. The excessive desire for money by these is not to meet their needs rather fit into a standard far above their reach. But you know, amongst the disciples, there would always be the Judas.

A Yoruba adage says ‘óbe to dun, owo lo pa’ which means the sweet soup is killed by money, or in simple terms money brings out the beauty in a thing. You want to have a beautiful woman, have money. You want to maintain her beauty, spend money. Show her she is safe with you.

Source: Above Whispers

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